J-List Adult Box: June edition – Dual Shock

Header image: Shimeji Nameko

– This product was provided by J-List for masturbation review purposes
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Hoooly crap these have exploded in popularity lately. I think J-List genuinely got in on an insanely good thing here with the whole monthly wank bundles, because pre-orders are now selling out faster than reviews can even surface.

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Free ‘Onaholes Paradise 2’ manga at Anime Expo 2016

onaparadise2ax2016_headerHeading to this year’s Anime Expo in LA? Why not pick yourself up a free copy of quite possibly the only manga about onahole box art characters ever? That’s something you could add to your bucket list just to instantly cross it off. Easiest life goal ever.

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Win an onahole manga and some dodgy eroge games!

toysheartmangacomp_headerA few months back Toy’s Heart put together a promotional manga for the Los Angeles Anime Expo, and it was kind of a big deal. Kind of sort of as far as onahole-related stuff goes, anyway. I mean, this thing was commissioned exclusively for an American anime convention and distributed at the J-List booth. Guys! Fuck, I dunno. It just still kind of blows my mind.

Even more so that Toy’s Heart asked if they could link to some of my reviews in it. Holy shit, are you kidding? You havin’ a giggle? I’d never felt more worthwhile than a sex toy company actually wanting to feature my long-winded word jumbles which essentially amount to ‘yeah this thing is alright to cum into’. Completely serious.

Anyway, being on the other side of the world and everything, I was pretty keen to get my hands on a copy of the finished manga. So a few weeks later Toy’s Heart kindly sent one over, and by one I mean like twenty billion.

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Pick up a free onahole manga at Anime Expo this year!

animeexpoheaderDespite living on the other side of the world where our anime-themed conventions usually consist of bootleg Goku figures, at least seven paintball companies handing out flyers and maybe a bunch of people trying to sketch fanart of said bootleg Goku figures playing paintball, the annual Anime Expo in Los Angeles is always pretty bloody exciting to follow. Lots of localisation announcements and stuff, you know?

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Japan Adult Expo 2014 – Take notes, Sexpo

jae14_header2It’s been a big year for sticky-finger conventions in Japan, with not one, not seven, but two adult expos making their debut in 2014. ‘Pink Tokyo‘ kicked things off in February with its promise to “invigorate adults and energize Japan” by conveniently cramming every basement-level shopping experience under one roof. Now just last weekend (November 14-15) the ‘Japan Adult Expo’ opened its doors for the first time. Probably some cheap joke to be had there.

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