Japan Adult Expo 2015 – Virtual reality bananas

japanexpo2015_headerAfter an incredibly successful debut last year, Japan Adult Expo (JAE) was forced to find a bigger venue for 2015. One which could easily accommodate that dangerously high level of saliva and pre-cum staining every possible surface within.

So this year the event took place at ‘Toyosu Pit’ in East Tokyo – which only just opened up last October I believe – and until now had been home to moaning purely of the singing variety. Concerts, you know? Ugh, shit. Opening paragraphs are tough.

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Japan Adult Expo 2014 – Take notes, Sexpo

jae14_header2It’s been a big year for sticky-finger conventions in Japan, with not one, not seven, but two adult expos making their debut in 2014. ‘Pink Tokyo‘ kicked things off in February with its promise to “invigorate adults and energize Japan” by conveniently cramming every basement-level shopping experience under one roof. Now just last weekend (November 14-15) the ‘Japan Adult Expo’ opened its doors for the first time. Probably some cheap joke to be had there.

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