Nippon-Yasan opens up new onahole shop Otona-Sekai

otonasekaibanner2Long-running Japanese video game and anime figure import retailer Nippon-Yasan have taken the next obvious step with the launch of their new site focused entirely on adult sex toys – Otona-Sekai. If you like hyphens and badly structured sentences, then boy, this opening paragraph has no doubt been an absolute treat.

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Here comes a new challenger – otonaJP opens up

otonajp_headerArtwork: kuroshin

First up, it’s only fair to let you know otonaJP is now a monetary sponsor of the blog (hence the large sidebar banner – gotta pay for bags of googly eyes somehow!) But this is supposed to be more of a “hey look at this” news-type thing. Because hey – look at this! 

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