J-List Adult Box: June edition – Dual Shock

Header image: Shimeji Nameko

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Hoooly crap these have exploded in popularity lately. I think J-List genuinely got in on an insanely good thing here with the whole monthly wank bundles, because pre-orders are now selling out faster than reviews can even surface.

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Checking out the February edition of J-List’s Adult Box

– This product was provided by J-List for masturbation review purposes
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If you’ve ever been on the internet, chances are you’ve probably seen someone unboxing a fancy thing of monthly themed goods. Anything from Japanese candy and retro games, to whatever gunk Loot Crate scrapes off the bottom of their shoe.

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Taking a chance with the 500 yen SEXY BOX mystery


So how about them gashapon machines, huh? Stumbling into a random Japanese department store and seeing huge clusters of them lined up – or sometimes entire shops that exist purely to trap small children in their maze-like structure of capsule toy dispensing death traps – still gets a ‘man, what’ reaction from me. Continue reading

Trade trash for Tenga at Japanese beach clean up

trashfortenga_headerTaking that ‘feel good’ incentive of cleaning up the environment to a whole new level, Japanese group Umi Sakura held their first ever adults-only trash pick up event over the weekend (September 27th). Volunteers were rewarded for putting their hands on someone else’s junk for a change with yup, onaholes.

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