J-List Adult Box: April edition – Hole-in-two

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It’s that time of the month again! Or… kinda close at least, since the April review should have been in late March, but I just got internet access back and didn’t particularly fancy writing this in a food court for the free Wi-Fi and free escort out of the shopping centre by security.

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Masturbation Warrior Tengaman saves the (hand job) day

tengaman_headerBit late here, but fuck it. So earlier this week, the literal wankers over at Tenga introduced a mascot character for their completely legit and totally-not-at-all-made-up ‘hand job day’ on July 21st. There’s a pretty good chance the world came together in celebration without even knowing it.

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Onahole shopping in Japan

japanshopping_headerThis is kind of incredibly late considering it’s been two months since stumbling around the streets of Japan on holiday, but I was going through my photos recently and there he was. Obama-kun. With his world famous catchphrase and everything. Turns out that was exactly the inspiration I needed to not get off my arse and write about all these tourist attractions.

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Japan Adult Expo 2014 – Take notes, Sexpo

jae14_header2It’s been a big year for sticky-finger conventions in Japan, with not one, not seven, but two adult expos making their debut in 2014. ‘Pink Tokyo‘ kicked things off in February with its promise to “invigorate adults and energize Japan” by conveniently cramming every basement-level shopping experience under one roof. Now just last weekend (November 14-15) the ‘Japan Adult Expo’ opened its doors for the first time. Probably some cheap joke to be had there.

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Why yes, onahole vending machines are a thing

vendingholeheaderFrom a vending machine-crazed country historically famous for putting creamed corn right next to very similar looking cans of lemon drink to create the ultimate flavour gamble, being able to buy an onahole from one really isn’t that surprising.

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