ANAHO ~2-Way Special – Blow it out your ass

anaho_header2Product: ANAHO ~2-Way Special
Manufacturer: Twinkle Rubbers
Retailers: NLS / Kanojo ToysMy Onahole
Artwork: 楽人/らくじん

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Ah, ANAHO (all caps, very loud!) Here’s an onahole that I’ve had my eye on for a while now, but it was always an afterthought with various orders and bumped up their shipping price by sixty billion dollars. Twinkle Rubbers are pretty proud of this thing’s weight for a handheld toy, and 360g really isn’t even that much compared to everything else. It’s seemingly just enough to boast about on the box though.

So stuff it, with my latest purchase I just went with two heavy-ish ones. I like my onaholes like I like my Mario Kart characters. Wario.

But what exactly was the lure here? Well, it’s an anal onahole for one; I’ve never tried one of those! ANAHO is also made by a company named Twinkle Rubbers, which again, I haven’t come across/in before. New experiences to cry myself to sleep with each night are always a bit exciting. Really though, I uh, kind of just liked the box art.

anaho1It’s the ‘eeey, piece of cake’ that does it.

anaho2But then you flip the box over and suddenly there’s a look about her that says ‘I’m about to unleash a tornado’. Quickly, lower the skirt before it’s too late. Also her breasts appear to have expanded quite dramatically. This is all very concerning. Save us, ULTRA stick!

Initially I wasn’t even going to bother trying the included packet of single-use lube, but it’s called ULTRA stick. ULTRA. You can’t ignore that.

anaho3Dat… ass? This is just a normal everyday butt, nothing to see here. Okay, ANAHO has a surreal design that doesn’t exactly resemble the theme – or anything. I’m no longer surprised by how some onaholes look. Wait, those could be some cheeks on the side. Good. Great.

anaho4There we go, the entrance is definitely looking more arsey. This onahole is pretty chunky despite the silicon material having a very fluffy, bouncy feel. There’s some nice weight to it in your hand, and it’ll jiggle around at the slightest touch. That’s almost enough entertainment in itself.

Oh yeah, Twinkle Rubbers advertise this as a ‘2-way’ type toy, but don’t let this number limit your imagination or anything. I’ll get into that a bit later. First up, I need to get into ANAHO.

Soooo, pushing your dick into the tiny opening requires a bit more focus than usual. A few times I found myself slipping around the hole, but then, I’ve almost tripped down the stairs because fuck paying attention to where you’re going. There’s a satisfying little ‘pop’ once you’re in.


It was difficult to find a promo image which actually showed off the inside with any great detail, but ANAHO‘s structure is a mish-mash of raised bumps, blobs and ribbed lines of various shape and size. It’s all over the place rather than just a generic repeating texture which is nice. You won’t feel the majority of bits and pieces for the most part, but it’s the thought that counts.

Things get crushed at the halfway point as the impressively thick walls put some serious pressure around your shaft. What a terrible way to even start a new paragraph – “things get crushed”. Jesus. Anyway, I like what Twinkle Rubbers have done here. The overall feedback is pleasantly squishy, and there’s always something there rubbing against the length of your cock.

With this much padding, the onahole is totally cool with whatever pace you want to masturbate at. It’s sort of designed for rougher use in mind, as we get back to the whole ‘2-way’ thing. You’ve probably noticed one side of it is completely flat? That’s so it’ll sit on a desk or whatever for groin-level thrusting.

anaho5Aaaaand that set-up right there is not recommended in the slightest. It’s plonked on top of the touch pad and space bar for a start.

I tried using it on top of some cardboard boxes whilst awkwardly holding it in place with both hands. Felt like a fuckin’ idiot and I’m fairly certain if anyone in the next apartment block over was looking through my window they probably got an eyeful of aaaaassss. There’s no time to be closing blinds.

Here’s a rough example of how you could use it.

(I am deeply sorry for how badly this ended up as a HowToBasic rip-off)

I’ll stick to using ANAHO just one way. In the end however, I’m quite pleased with this purchase. No surprises, but it just feels really nice.

The silicon material Twinkle Rubbers have used also dries quickly even down to its inner depths which is fantastic. Otherwise the sheer thickness would make this a huge pain in the arse when trying to pat down any moisture in there. Lazy onaholes are the best onaholes.

Final score: Maybe it could pass as a desk pencil sharpener in the office. Nobody would suspect a thing. Until they realise that’s not a pencil you’re shovin’ in there. RIP.

9 thoughts on “ANAHO ~2-Way Special – Blow it out your ass

  1. why does it matter if theres a little moisture inside? i mean it’s good if there is some cause i always have to mix liquid with the lube i have…

    • Yeah, it’s fine if you’re using and washing it on a regular basis. But it’s never good to let an onahole sit around for say, a few days if it’s still damp inside as it can lead to mould and such.

  2. I have one of these. Drying takes forever. Make sure you watch not to stretch it while cleaning, the inner textures split in half there. The Lazy method on using it never works, the stand is useless.

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