Trade trash for Tenga at Japanese beach clean up

trashfortenga_headerTaking that ‘feel good’ incentive of cleaning up the environment to a whole new level, Japanese group Umi Sakura held their first ever adults-only trash pick up event over the weekend (September 27th). Volunteers were rewarded for putting their hands on someone else’s junk for a change with yup, onaholes.

Situated on the offshore island of Enoshima in the Kanagawa Prefecture, these clean up campaigns – usually held twice a year – are typically promoted as a family friendly affair. Digging for beer bottles, rusty knives and cigarette butts certainly is a bonding experience. But this time they’ve gone all R18+, teaming up with the disposable sex toy company Tenga.

Over the course of 90 minutes, participants could swap each bag of collected garbage for a Tenga product. The first bag scored a Tenga Egg and every additional bag was worth a lesser-value (shittier) Pocket Tenga sleeve. When you need the convenience of an onahole which can fit in your wallet for emergency wanks, that’s your product.

trashfortenga_combowhatevsEven the bags were sorta Tenga-themed.

While it seems their weather wasn’t the best that day, Tenga reports people started queuing hours in advance, and their expectation for participants to show up was greatly exceeded (really?)

Despite being an awkwardly male-targeted event, women were welcome to join in and… take part in a bikini contest? Sure, why not. Plus there was a free BBQ for everyone afterwards. No doubt with a long wait for the bathrooms.


trashfortenga01Man, there’s an insane optical illusion going on here. The girl in the back looks like she has the longest arm ever. Oh and that creature… thing is apparently Enoshima’s local mascot.

trashfortenga02(Photo via @riva_avir)

trashfortenga03nSome people Tweeted their haul (photos via @114514_364_364 and @hako8ko)

All up there was enough rubbish gathered in the area to fill 104 bags, which is huge. It’s unknown how many of them were just loaded with sand in an effort to get more onaholes, but hey. A great success! Perhaps more environmental organisations around the world should take note.

Stay tuned for Umi Sakura’s next R18+ event though, where everyone just cleans up all the old discarded Tenga toys. A vicious and sticky circle begins.


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