Hidachitukko Plus DX – Championship Edition

hidachiplus_headerProduct: Hidachitukko Plus DX
Manufacturer: N.P.G.
Retailers: J-List / Toy Demon / NLS
Artwork: Kaisenn

Aw, they grow up so fast! Earlier this year I put my penis inside Hidachitukko and called it a review. Now while I enjoyed the onahole a fair bit, it had some preeeetty glaring flaws. Like uh, taking visual inspiration from a bulldog’s face. Basically there was room to improve – which is exactly what N.P.G. have done with its stringy successor.

Using the arcade sequel naming generator, Hidachitukko Plus DX has ditched N.P.G.’s first cover girl (a dangerously young-looking shut in with tentacles coming out of her vagina) in favour of… well, not that.

hidachiplus01Now we have someone with the self-confidence to wear just undies and a sweater pulled up over their chest. “Fuck you, weather” she yelled at the neon green sky as lightning bolts of molten lava rained down upon the frozen landscape.

Inside the box you’ll find an onahole, single-use packet of lube and a cardboard insert. Wow! It’s blank on the other side, making the perfect postcard to send these holidays. “Wish you were here, floating half-naked in a laser grid”. Shame the lube got downsized from the first Hidachitukko (which included a decent bottle of it). Maybe that’s what it took to cut costs for a better quality toy instead. Oh well.

Keep in mind the original model looked like this.

hidachiplus02 So yeah, considering the low price point, this is a pretty damn good attempt at a torso design. The huge tits make the onahole a tad top-heavy, but at least your thumb won’t get bored? Build-wise, I’m pretty sure N.P.G’s using the same basic outer material for Hidachitukko Plus DX. It feels alright, but suffers from an oily stench of doom. Seriously powerful. This’ll linger for at least a few washes.

But the most important upgrade here isn’t cosmetic; it’s under those comically oversized lips. Once again Hidachitukko revolves around a string-based gimmick, except now they’re a whole lot stronger. I mentioned them easily snapping on the first version, but now I’ve barely made a dent on ’em after multiple uses. This is some Tonka Truck shit right here.

I think they’ve also crammed more in there for extra entanglement fun times. Sensitive heads beware, this is what you’re in for:

hidachipluspromo2Fuuuuuuck. Not even kidding, you need to prepare yourself for Hidachitukko Plus DX. Those strings don’t mess around. They’ll strangle your shaft and push into the head like crazy. Casually strolling in is like approaching an old person who’s walking in the middle of the footpath and expecting them to step aside; it’s not going to happen.

Once you’ve weaved your way in though, it’s fairly smooth sailing if you stick to a sweet spot (pro tip: turn it sideways). But where’s the fun in that? Yank the onahole upwards and that tentacle maze resets. There’s a chance of getting snagged off-guard, and that’s… not the best when it happens right on your tip (personally speaking, not a fan of things trying to saw into my urethra).

That said, the level of stimulation in Hidachitukko Plus DX is remarkably high regardless of what you’re doin’ in there. It’s a very narrow tunnel lined with uneven ribs and there isn’t much padding, which means you’ll likely be gripping down extra hard to enhance the tightness.


However, those of you particularly gifted in the girth department might run into some problems here. Like most toys, the onahole stretches out just fine length-wise, but punching out the width might put too much strain on the insides. Just an observation~

Naturally Hidachitukko Plus DX isn’t invincible – those strings will eventually stretch or snap resulting in a dulled sensation over time – though it’s still a bloody huge improvement over the original design. I’m kinda surprised just how much of a liking I took to this onahole; it’s currently my go-to for killing time.

hidachiplus03Ehuurr heuhrr haua huha.

Overall if you’re looking for something slightly rougher in your masturbation schedule, sure – this is fantastic for the price-point (around $20 or so). Totally recommened. Bit more expensive than humping a tin can filled with rubber bands, but probably a far nicer experience.

Final score: Now I’m curious to see if N.P.G. will follow it up with a third version next year, if only to see what they’d call it. Super Hidachitukko Plus DX 64?

8 thoughts on “Hidachitukko Plus DX – Championship Edition

    • I keep ’em in a big plastic container in the cupboard. No lid, but usually covered with microfibre cloths. If I shake it they all jiggle around. So hypnotic! =o

  1. I hope your Willy won’t ever get tired of humping these. Your reviews are hilarious (and maybe helpful~ …)! Keep up the good work and say hello to Waluigi from me!

  2. I’d like to see you compare this one to RIDE’s Bangee Shake. Just saying, they have similar designs so I wonder which one is superior.

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