Daisyuki Hold – Never letting go

Product: Daisyuki Hold (だいしゅきホールド)
Manufacturer: Toy’s Heart
Measurements: length – 15.5cm, weight – 330g
Retailers: J-List* / Kanojo Toys* / Toy Demon* / otonaJP

– Retailers marked with * are affiliate links
– This product was provided by Toy’s Heart for masturbation review purposes

Before we get started, I’ll let Toy’s Heart explain what a ‘daisyuki hold’ actually is according to their product description.

“Daisyuki hold is pose from girl. When a couple are playing happy time, a girl who feel very good pleasure take his back to use two legs.”

So it’s like those action movie scenes where two characters fall out of a window and get tangled around each other on their way down to see who will become the pavement-pillow. Except with even more penetration involved. Pretty simple! I’m glad onaholes are a legitimate source of information.

Or it’s like this, I guess:

Source: Tokeijikake no Ley Line (Visual Novel)

Aside from that, it’s also a really good onahole. It’s been just over a week now, but this one’s instantly shot to my favourite go-to hole to shoot in. What a sentence indeed.

No surprises in the box, just the onahole and a little packet of lube. I’m always secretly hoping one day I’ll open one of these and a little plastic elephant or rusty nail will fall out; bonuses like cereal boxes used to include.

The illustration on the front is totally adorable though. Like, fuck. Probably one of the cutest covers I’ve seen in a while. You can almost hear her saying “grab my hand, let’s daisyuki hold off a bridge together”.

And that little sneak peek at her undies? Chef kissy hand emoji. Just goes to show you don’t need to have tits out all over the joi-

Phwoar, the side of the box is where it’s at! I was curious about this comic, so I put on my best MS Paint translation pants and got to work. It’s a touching story of coin-op love.

I’ve also flipped it to read from left to right. Er, ‘localised’.

In regards to the external design, Daisyuki Hold could pass for countless other onaholes out there. Toy’s Heart have again taken a no-nonsense approach, and that’s… okay really! The sheer quality of material they use make these things a joy to hold during ye olde wanking sessions.

There is a rather noticeable burning rubber smell to it though, which is a bit unfortunate considering they usually manage to avoid this. This will fade after a few washes, unless you’re attempting to multitask whilst driving.

“Here’s your kebab, mister!”

Daisyuki Hold‘s entrance looks a bit (lot) on the small side, but it’s not going to bend dicks in half or anything. Being a dual-layer design, sliding in past the soft exterior is smooth sailing.

Aaaand then the harder – gloriously pink – insides get to work, pressing down around your shaft and really living up to that ‘hold’ name.

A series of thick rings rub across your head with surprising force at first, and if you take it slow you’ll feel them ever so reluctantly let go and drag down. This leads into a more open section of the tunnel haphazardly covered in large bumps of different shape and size.

Seriously, they’re amazing. The way these work together and massage the head especially is just out of this world; it drives me fucking wild. Grrr, noises! I mean shit, it’s just a cluster of bumps and notches which isn’t an uncommon pattern inside onaholes, but something about this particular design is so niiiiiiceeee.

At the end of Daisyuki Hold is its attempt at simulating a cervix. Hitting this point is a mostly… nothing experience. It sort of cups around the tip and little else, so I usually don’t bother and just focus below.

Oh, going back to the ‘hold’ thing – this onahole has a tendency to lock itself around your shaft. There’s a pretty good suction effect going on there! The entrance kinda seals off, meaning the toy doesn’t move much with your stroking motions. It’ll sit there at the base and just stretching up and down.

This has its advantages (less chance of slipping off should the desire to take part in a Mexican wave overcome you mid-fap), but can also be quite loud and sloppy sounding. Especially once you’re done and pop it off your dick, the resulting noise might cause car alarms to trigger across the neighbourhood. Worth it, but watch out if you’re trying to wank in stealth mode.

Just fantastic stuff all-around. Daisyuki Hold might just be my favourite onahole from Toy’s Heart so far.

8 thoughts on “Daisyuki Hold – Never letting go

    • Hmm, I’d go with Daisyuki Hold. Virgin Age Graduation is *really* aggressive, but Daisyuki Hold has more going on and just feels better in the long run.

    • It can be a bit when you first start (once the lube starts spreading around it dulls). It’s not as loud as some onaholes out there though, you should be okay.

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