Naive Sister – You put what in the where now?

naivesister_header2Product: Naive Sister / Innocent Younger Sister
Manufacturer: Toy’s Heart
Measurements: length – 14.5cm, weight – 400g
Retailers: Kanojo Toys* / Toy Demon* / NLS / otonaJPJ-List*
Artwork: Cla

– Retailers marked with * are affiliate links
– This product was provided by Toy’s Heart for masturbation review purposes

Sister, huh. Just think… an entire family of onaholes. They’re out having a picnic, smooshin’ their face-holes into delicious sandwiches loaded with meat ‘n’ mayonnaise – when all of a sudden father onahole emits a loud, high-pitched queef. How embarrassing. The shockwave knocks everyone off-balance, and they tumble down a grassy hill. Sensually. Now stop, because that’s probably a bit too sexy to handle.

Toy’s Heart recently sent me Naive Sister to review (sometimes known as Innocent Younger Sister), and despite being one of their long-running flagship fuck toys, I’d honestly never even heard of this one before. There didn’t seem to be much about it online either, but turns out the product goes by some different names depending on how the retailer’s feeling. Nothin’ like going in blind!

naivesister01Getting some serious mid-90’s dating sim vibes from that box art! The disproportionate head, crowd control shoulders, toilet paper boob tube and hot pants, phwoar. I’m going to Sound Blaster my MIDIs all over the place in a second if you know what I’m saying (because I sure don’t).

Update (January 2016): Toy’s Heart have since refreshed the packaging for this onahole. So if you see the following (much nicer) image below on a retail listing, it’s the same product reviewed here.

sisternewboxUnwrapping Naive Sister, the first thing I noticed was that it looks remarkably similar to Shinki 01.

naivesister02Like, to the point where they might have just re-released the same thing under a different name, but nope! While their external ‘butt cheek’ build designs totally match – Safe Skin material with minor wrinkle imperfections likely caused by the shrink-wrap and all – the inside is compleeeetely different.

Featuring a ‘3D wavy hole 2’ (the revenge) Naive Sister is a surprisingly aggressive toy. I guess I’m just used to twisted tunnel gimmicks being fairly relaxed, but here it’ll actively try to reject your dick. Probably nails exactly what it feels like for space-time hopping astronauts to hump a closing wormhole in a different dimension. Finally.

Seriously, check this thing out.

naivesister03The entrance itself is stretchy and accommodating, but then you immediately crush up against this roadblock before slowly ‘popping’ through, and it’s fucking great. Combined with thick, rough bumps pressing in, Naive Sister is pretty determined to keep the tip of your penis stimulated all the way down.

Then when you get there, the end chamber is filled with smaller and even harsher dots that surround the head, gently scratching from all directions. Really, this is almost teetering on the brink on being unpleasant. It’s not quite there though, instead resulting in a tense “oh? oooooooooh shit oka- oh?” state of pleasurable confusion.

Meanwhile your shaft’s not forgotten. Hopefully, at least. Would be awkward. With the twisted tunnel forced open, two thick strands start hugging at full force; all while still trying to push you back out again.

naivejaggedcroppingwowBasically, Naive Sister is a pretty hardcore onahole. It’s not something you’d give your casual grandma who’s hooked on Dr. Kawashima’s Angry Birds Training. But with extremely strong stimulation in here – mainly focusing on the head – this definitely won’t be for everyone, especially if you’re looking to take your time whilst wanking.

Otherwise, go crazy! Just make sure to apply a biiiit more lube than usual. Don’t drown it, but the entry point on Naive Sister seems to have a mysterious sponge-like, Sahara desert quality to it. No such worries with the rest of it though!

And with that, I leave you with some hot Moisty action.


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  1. I have since been informed by my housemate that I have a severe case of toe thumb going on in that last photo. Now I cannot unsee. ´・v・

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