Pick up a free onahole manga at Anime Expo this year!

animeexpoheaderDespite living on the other side of the world where our anime-themed conventions usually consist of bootleg Goku figures, at least seven paintball companies handing out flyers and maybe a bunch of people trying to sketch fanart of said bootleg Goku figures playing paintball, the annual Anime Expo in Los Angeles is always pretty bloody exciting to follow. Lots of localisation announcements and stuff, you know?

Plus you guys can buy onaholes and eroge there no problem, which is fascinating! I’d imagine a sex toy instantly shutting down an Australian event. ’へ’

axbannerAnyway, if you’re heading to Anime Expo in LA this year, you’ll be able to pick up a free onahole manga at the J-List booth (1319)! It’s by Toy’s Heart and features a dude being sucked into the world of onaholes. The onaholes have, of course, taken human form instead of just being huge rubber blobs wobbling around the joint. P-probably an easier sell.

It’ll show off a few of Toy’s Heart products and even go through the basics of how to use an onahole (in glorious Engrish). Learn some hot insider tips like ‘put your penis in the hole’ and more. Also my blog will be mentioned, which is really humbling! You know you’ve made it in the world of Japanese masturbation toys when you’re featured in a manga.

I’m sure you’ll be able to buy stuff like Daisyuki Hold and Naive Sister (two of the manga’s main ‘characters’) at the J-List booth, too. Might be a bit more fun in front of others; wave ’em around and create an echo of faux-queefing. Actually no, don’t do that, you’ll probably get kicked out.


Toy’s Heart were kind of frantically rushing to get this done in time for Anime Expo, so even I haven’t seen the final thing yet! That sample above was from an early WIP, but I hope the translation remained the same because it’s amazing.

So that’s at the J-List booth (1319). I don’t have an example of what the cover looks like, but there miiiight be an onahole on it, if that helps!


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