Virgin Age: Admission HARD – School of hard knobs

virginageadmin_headerProduct: Virgin Age: Admission HARD
Manufacturer: Toy’s Heart
Measurements: length – 13cm, weight – 240g
Retailers: NLS / otonaJP / Kanojo Toys*
Artwork: そこなす

– This product was provided by Toy’s Heart for masturbation review purposes
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Finally, a flimsy excuse to use some Splatoon fanart (the character for this onahole is shown holding a stuffed cat – close enough!) So back in December, I gushed over/into the stupidly confined space of Virgin Age: Graduationan onahole I still enjoy to this day. Toy’s Heart also launched a companion product at the same time, known as Virgin Age: Admission. Having never tried that one, I couldn’t even begin to imagine Virgin Age somehow getting tighter, but that’s exactly what the younger (customs nightmare) Admission version was about.

Well… I could sort of imagine, I guess. Something like the equivalent of The Hulk in a school uniform giving a handjob basically.

Fast forward to the year 20XX, and Toy’s Heart have taken this death-grip even further with a new model of Virgin Age: Admission made from harder material, aptly titled Virgin Age: Admission HARD. You know they’re serious when caps lock gets switched on.

virginageadmin01Interestingly, Toy’s Heart already seem to have now changed the box art to this. Their newer one matches the girl’s outfit later seen in Graduation – just to further drive home the point that you’re a time traveller somehow taking her virginity twice – but drops the stuffed cat. Downgrade confirmed.

Also no bottle of Moisty lube… but the barcode art is back, so everything’s okay!


virginageadmin03I borrowed the hand of a ten thousand year-old man for this shot.

As the name might suggest, Virgin Age: Admission HARD is physically smaller than Virgin Age: Graduation. It doesn’t look too worrying initially, and even putting it right next to Graduation, the difference might not seem thaaaat extreme.

virginageadmin04But Toy’s Heart weren’t fucking around with the sheer tightness of Graduation already. Here was an onahole that literally narrowed itself down to just 3.5cm at the halfway mark in an effort to force you back out with every thrust. Admission HARD goes even further down this punishing path, and it does so with much thicker (and less forgiving) material. I wasn’t even sure if I’d be allowed entry into this cool club.

Other than that, both models pretty much share the same internal design. Admission HARD loses the dual layer quality though, as the entire product is made from the same brick of concrete rubber. It’s almost terrifying; nothing about this onahole wobbles or shakes. Like all the flexibility has totally vanished. And the inside is littered with jagged ridges? C-cool, can’t wait.


Straight off, even sliding through Admission HARD’s puffy opening is going to take a rock solid erection. Seriously don’t try sailing half mast, you won’t get anywhere. This thing is SO tight, jesus christ.

I mean, it instantly constricts to the point where it feels like you’re breaking in a new pair of shoes several sizes too small – but returning them just isn’t worth the hassle of putting pants back on, so fuck everything these shoes are bloody well going to fit no matter what. On your dick.

Admission HARD isn’t outright painful or anything (unless you’re packing a lot of girth, then you’ll be in for a real bad time), but it’s incredibly aggressive and full on. This is a super rough onahole designed to pulverize without mercy right from the get-go. Chunky ridges start grinding into your head, then the more you push the harder they’ll dig in.

virginageadmincharartJust like Graduation, the tunnel eventually gets ridiculously small towards the end. Yet Admission shrinks down even more to just 3cm. Which is mental. I couldn’t even brute force any further without fear of snapping my shaft in half – and at times had difficulty merely keeping the onahole on there. So much pressure builds up it can pop straight off like a bottle rocket if you’re not careful.

Really. Once it almost landed in my coffee cup and my immediate reaction was to shoot a load prematurely, no doubt from some panicked state of horribly aroused confusion. That was fun.

virginageadmininsideBut I’ve found my sessions with Admission HARD tend to finish a lot quicker than usual regardless. I think the toy instantly drains stamina because my dick starts hyperventilating. I’m a big fan of heavy stimulation on the head especially, and this is what Virgin Age: Admission HARD does best. But it’s not going to do anything for your shaft whatsoever.

Honestly, I’d recommend Graduation over this, as it’s almost on par with the feedback but you get more wiggle room. Even the regular soft version of Admission maybe (I haven’t tried it). Admission HARD is… fuck.

Don’t get me wrong, personally I love it. I love that I can already remember each and every groove of abuse before jamming my cock in there for another round, but this isn’t a product I’d recommend on a wider scale. It’s pretty much the Ghouls ‘n Ghosts of onaholes. You’re gonna be stuck at the beginning forever, only for a red devil to come swoop in all over the place if you try to advance. Then you’ll turn into a skeleton.

This product was provided by Toy’s Heart for masturbation review purposes.

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  1. Could anyone here give an indication of how much tighter (or smashing) this is over the regular Admission version?

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