Rorinko Anaru “W” Position – It’s a ring toss game

rorinko_headerProduct: Rorinko Anaru “W” Position
Manufacturer: Ride Japan
Measurements: length – 15cm, weight – 285g
Retailers: NLS / Kanojo Toys*
Artwork: 電磁砲二期

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What the hell is a W position? I whispered this question into my keyboard from potential embarrassment of not knowing what could very likely be some sort of kinky shit involving a wingsuit. But nah. Apparently the W position – or W-sitting – is the act of sitting with your legs awkwardly spread out like a W, and it’s “not recommended for anyone” according to physical therapy sites. Whoa, taboo. Probably banned in Australia.

Meanwhile Ride Japan just dismissed all that noise, as the Rorinko Anaru “W” Position anal onahole appears to have created an entirely new time-saving concept. Here you’re not just fuckin’ one butt, no-no. You’re fucking two. Simultaneously.

Clearly the W stands for ‘what’.

rorinko01Now it obviously requires a lot of imagination, because even the box art doesn’t quite know how to get this concept across. Seemingly the girls have their asses locked together, and by switching the onahole (literally just turning it around on your dick), you’ll change between them. Oh okay good, explanation complete.

I kind of get what they were actually going for, but whatever, rubber masturbation sleeve. The important thing is the cardboard insert doubles as a fold-out stand to proudly display your new toy.

rorinko02Also the all-important packet of ‘Virgin Lotion’ which is best used by throwing it in the bin.

rorinko04Honestly, first impressions… aren’t great. Ride Japan seem to be incredibly proud of the inner material and overall texture of Rorinko Anaru “W” Position – and fair enough, it’s actually damn good in there – but my god the rest of this onahole could have done with some love.

There’s a nauseating smell to the rubber (which still hasn’t diminished over a week later), and it was so oily my fingers started shining bright enough to rival E.T.  Even within its $30-ish price range, this still feels disappointingly cheap. Also wow is it ever floppy. BOY HOWDY. Just sags all over the fuckin’ joint.

rorinko03But as always, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and Rorinko Anaru “W” Position has two anuses inside. Both combined into one anus to create some kind of super anus. We’ve got some Akira shit goin’ on right here.

Plus it looks promising; especially if you make use of the provided backdrop.

rorinko05 rorinko06This is a dual layer product and I don’t know whaaaat exactly Ride Japan have done with the inner sleeve, but it’s unlike any onahole I’ve used before. In a good way, mind you!

Upon sliding in there’s basically no resistance whatsoever, which means you might (accidentally?) end up balls deep at the first stroke. But then the onahole reacts by slowly sticking to your shaft like a melting dessert. I dunno, imagine ramming your cock into a custard sponge cake or something. Right there at a cake shop. The staff are horrified – “HEY” the manager booms, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” They start walking over and panic sets in at the realisation you might not finish in time. “Only one?!” Oof, the manager smashes another cake into your crotch in an explosion of custard and cum.

Essentially it’s a very light, spongy texture. Yet the longer you masturbate with it, the stickier everything becomes. This isn’t a result of the onahole prematurely drying out or anything, Rorinko Anaru “W” Position just manages to hold lube in a way that makes everything… oddly sticky and fluffy.

rorinko_insideAs for the actual design, there’s a chunky ring right after the entry point which continues to get better and better over time. It really starts dragging and stretching along as it sinks in. Other than that, you’ve got a series of waves running down the tunnel, and depending on how you’re holding the onahole you’ll push up against some jagged ridges on the top or bottom. Personally I like having them rub against the top, but you can play this “W” Position game however you like. Go nuts. Put a Monopoly Chance card in there if you want.

Really, the whole ‘switch between girls by turning the onahole’ gimmick could apply to most toys out there if you’ve really got your fantasy-face set on a gelatinous threesome. It is fun switching things up every now and then though. But again, that’s true for a lot of onaholes.

rorinko_artInitially I was sort of torn about recommending Rorinko Anaru “W” Position. It offers some fairly weak feedback due to an overall lack of tightness, but the inner material attempts to even the odds with a squishy, pleasant sensation which works regardless of how fast or slow you’re wanking.

Howeveeeer after just a few uses, Ride Japan’s clown-grade build quality literally starting coming apart at the seams. The inner hole was peeling off. This is always a potential issue with budget dual layer onaholes, but to see it already affecting Rorinko Anaru‘s butts was a huge bummer.

rorinko07The problem has gotten quite a bit worse since I took that photo, and at this point I really can’t be stuffed with the onahole anymore. Now I just risk digging into the forbidden space between the layers as everything flops around.

It still REEKS of burning rubber, too. Almost as strong as it did upon first unwrapping the bloody thing – which is almost impressive! Not sure how that’s even possible, but then, I ask myself the same question after having a shower I guess.

Maybe you’ll have better luck though. There’s a very real chance I ended up with a rare dodgy Rorinko Anaru “W” Position from the get-go, but eeehhhh. It’d be nice if Ride Japan tried this again with some actual Q&A or something. Surely these companies hire at least one person to test their ideas before mass-producing them.

*Subtly taps resume with penis*

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7 Responses to Rorinko Anaru “W” Position – It’s a ring toss game

  1. Bunny says:

    I guess me waving it around in your face probably didn’t help the layers coming apart thing…

    • Infernal Monkey says:

      I was also waving it around when I first took it out of the box! “IT’S SO FLOPPY I’M GONNA DIE”

  2. A Special Snowflake says:

    Your image edits are the best, oh my god

  3. wrandral says:

    “but to see it already affecting Rorinko Anaru‘s butts was a huge BUMmer”

    Nice one

  4. PhantomSS says:

    Ah, I have this hole too, I thought I was the only one who thought it got stickier as you use it! And yeah, the build quality is pretty terrible, the dual layer starts coming apart damn near immediately, I think if they took a lesson from magic eyes and made their dual layer intermix with the regular material to create a stronger bond, it would be a really nice hole.

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