Puni Ana 3D – A real rib tickler

puniana3d_headerProduct: Puni Ana 3D
Manufacturer: EXE
Measurements: length – 14.5cm, weight – 400g
Retailers: Kanojo Toys* / Toy Demon* / otonaJP / Motsu Toys
Artwork: Kei

– This product was provided by otonaJP for masturbation review purposes
– Retailers marked with * are affiliate links

“BONES FOR THE BONER” the onahole god queefed from the tip of their erect tower; and so it was done.

Initially attempted by Magic Eyes with Internal Structure of a Moe Body in 2013, the whole concept of adding some kind of bone structure to a limbless torso was the perfect recipe for an uncertain erection. The oddly grotesque render (pictured below) probably didn’t help.

internalstructureofbooonesHowever all fears of a dick-puncturing masturbation gamble were quickly put to rest, as the product turned out to be a harmless success.

Since then a few other companies have copied the idea with their own bony blobs, but until now they’ve all been very large and expensive products. Makes sense though, since those bigger hip-style onaholes would have the most to gain from an extra level of firmness.

Well, EXE is here to shrink things down a tad.


puniana3d_inside Recently launched, the Puni Ana 3D crams a silicone rib cage into a standard handheld-sized onahole for the first time.

It’s essentially a shrunken down version of their own monster (4kg!) Puni Ana SPDX onahole from last year, and that’s all very exciting. I’ve always been curious as to what a plastic rib cage can add to the realistic sensation of having sex with a rubber vagina.

Now while the tanned girl straddling a giant needle filled with pink lemonade on the cover is insanely hot and all, my review copy didn’t come with a box. No biggie, I tried to recreate it with Anabelle from Animal Crossing.

puniana3dnewboxNailed it.

First things first – and this could be an immediate deal breaker for some – Puni Ana 3D stinks. Not as in it’s a bad onahole or anything, it just literally reeks. From the moment I removed it from the bag, Puni Ana 3D‘s oily existence filled the room like a nauseating shockwave.

The smell will obviously dwindle over time (I’ve been using it pretty regularly over the past week and it’s just now starting to vanish) but jesus.

Whatever material EXE is experimenting with here really needs to ship with an air freshener wedged inside.

puniana3d01Moving on to the onahole itself, Puni Ana 3D is soft to hold, but you can easily feel the ribs and other joints when pressing in harder. Kinda weird, but I like it. They’d do well to repackage this as an Attack on Titan parody toy when season two hits in 2027.

The inner texture compliments the bone… placement stuff too, starting off light and fluffy before switching to thicker material at the ribs.

EXE’s clearly put a lot of thought into this!

puniana3dinside2Even still, looking at all these promo images beforehand I had absolutely no idea what to expect from Puni Ana 3D. But upon sliding it onto my dick for the first time, I was met with a roller coaster of ‘what’.

It’s such an odd sensation to begin with; walls very firmly guiding you into what feels like a pointed dead-end. After a few strokes – seeing the onahole’s stomach bulge around like crazy – I really found myself wanting to fuck this thing harder, and that worked nicely! The onahole was delivering an insane suction effect.

Too much. TOO MUCH SUCTION. It began to feel like my piss hole (to call it by its scientific name) was being stretched open from the sheer amount of air pressure. Legitimately painful stuff. Then as I was juuuust about to pull out…

I heard a slight popping noise.

puniana3d02Oh! Well, it couldn’t have been a cum bubble yet, so yeah, that’s the actual rubber. There’s now a tiny little hole there which inflates and deflates with every motion. No idea what the long-term effect will be, but I can’t imagine it’s good.

Honestly the fact that bubble might pop one day just adds an extra bit of thrill. Livin’ life on the edge.

puniana3ddetailsSo here’s my advice: use a lot of lube with Puni Ana 3D. I usually wouldn’t recommend flooding an onahole, but go for it. We’re talkin’ like, full sloppy mess. Bring a towel if you have to.

Puni Ana 3D lacks any sort of punch to its inner texture. The walls feel surprisingly bland, yet that silicone skeleton keeps the tunnel tight and I dunno, fun? Almost spooky in how they’ve captured the sensation of a vagina/arse/octopus mouth clenching and reacting around your shaft.

More lube basically means you can get in there easier and keep on fucking shoving. Otherwise Puni Ana 3D puts up an invisible barrier too damn fast, drying up and sucking your soul out from your urethra.

That and apparently the onahole just can’t handle a build-up of air. So replace all the free space with goo. E-easy!

puniana3dcharaCutest onahole mascot character ever.

For lack of better explanation, Puni Ana 3D is uh, unique. No other handheld onahole currently on the market is going to feel anything like it, but that’s not exactly a fantastic thing. Not yet.

Between the lack of proper stimulation and questionable build quality (including the awful stench) EXE has a lot to improve upon if they try this again. And I hope they do, honestly. Sure the bigger onaholes are always an (expensive) option, but Puni Ana 3D could be a decent starting point for a futuristic cartoon skeleton fuck toy army you can fit in your pocket.

Exactly the sort of thing the 1980s would have predicted for the year 2000. We’re long overdue.


+ Bones offer something totally different to any other handheld onahole
+ Nicely priced considering the skeleton tech
+ Satisfying thud every time you slam into the rib cage
+ Tell your friends about that exact feeling and they’ll leave you alone for at least a week

– Smells bloody terrible
– Needs a lot of lube
– Might pinch the tip of your dick like a grandma who slipped over while going for your cheek
– Trapped air inside the onahole could result in damage

12 thoughts on “Puni Ana 3D – A real rib tickler

  1. I know these reviews can ramble a lot, so I’m testing out a quick pros and cons thing at the end. =)

    (Never been a fan of review scores though, so that probably won’t happen)

  2. Hmm, I guess adding the bones does prevent you squeezing out any air. I’d love to give this one a try. I actually own a Moe Body — I bought it on the sheer basis of the engineering achievement involved in creating the bloody thing if anything (yes I do fuck it too, duh) — but I have a paltry dick that can’t really do the thing justice so this might be more effective. Cheaper too, apart from having to fill the void with goo of course.
    tl;dr- Another great review!

    • How is the Moe Body? Because yeah, looking at it, my main concern was that it seems like you’d need a pretty big dick to get the proper experience.

      • It’s made in Japan, you don’t need to be that English dude in the pornos (no, not him, yeah, him!) but even so I’d probably be considered average over there (not great) and I know I’m not getting the most out of it.
        Like I said, it’s something I’d put on the mantelpiece if that was the done thing; it’s very impressive. The front is too thin so the bone has come through and it’s a bitch to get dry after cleaning (the water gets in between the layers through where the inner bit has split) but can’t really complain. I don’t think it’s all that textured either but I can’t be a great judge of that. I mean I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything as you describe here. You seem to have the appendage to truly appreciate the latest injection moulding masterpieces. Alas, we can’t all be so lucky as to savour such delicacies! I’d say buy one if you can, only to frame it / nerd display-case it. As you pointed out, even the box is really nice lol. I wonder how all the other clones are, the ones of a similar size I mean. It’s fascinating that it was a success and that other companies have taken the same risk in such a large product but I guess that’s just Japan for you. Too bad it’s just a little too expensive to give them out for free, although I did see a guy on a sex toys YouTube channel cut one down the middle. No really, saves me doing it out of curiosity too! ;)

      • well i have a normal dick (i think?) and its pretty fucking nice…the only problem is the grandma ass it got (you know the mark and everything?).Also its kinda hard to wash but i did not have that much problem.You should try reviewing it.

        • lol, grandma ass? It has a great bum IMHO. You can slap it around, slam your face in there, do other stupid things you’d likely get dumped instantly for with the wrong girl. Sure, it has the company logo indented in the top of it but it’s not that bad is it?

  3. That bubbly shit has got to go… Weird. Any idea if you know of anyone of reputable experience has tried and reviewed the SPDX? On Toydemon; there is 1 review and that is the ONLY review that I’ve been able to find. At 200.00$; it’s not just something I want dive head first into without more info.
    Love your reviews BTW! Great reading.

    • Thank you!

      Also unfortunately I don’t know of any reviews either. There are a few on Amazon.jp, but running them through a machine translation isn’t much help. They seem mostly positive, but a lot mention it has a strong smell though.

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