Niku-Man – Slide into those steamy buns

nikuman_headerProduct: Niku-Man
Manufacturer: G Project
Measurements: length – 13cm, weight – 400g
Retailers: Otona-Sekai / Toy Demon* / otonaJP*
Header Artwork: Henry Bird 9

– This product was provided by otonaJP for masturbation review purposes
– Retailers marked with * are affiliate links

“Sure was nice of you to invite me out to lunch, friend!” a strange man wearing several suits stacked together blurts out. He pushes aside the couple sitting next to you – an effortless motion considering he’s a walking fabric-Jenga-nightmare – and scoots up to the counter. Panic sets in.

A nervous smile jitters across your face, “I uh, I think you’ve got me confused for someone els-”


He’s staring at your order of freshly steamed meat buns. It’s the only thing this place serves.

steamedhamsSweat is pouring from his face; you know this because he’s practically in your ear right now. “Buddy, can you keep a secret?” he whispers. “I’m actually the great superhero Niku Man, in disguise as an ordinary office worker”.

Glancing over, he adjusts one of the seventeen ties hanging from his collar and proudly smirks. “I need meat buns to recharge my power level, but wouldn’t you know it? I left my wallet in the only pair of pants I’m currently not wearing. Isn’t that embarrassing? Forgetting to wear every pair of pants? Such a human thing to do”.

Niku Man chuckles a hearty chuckle, yet you’re freaking the fuck out thinking of a way to get away from this weirdo. Just let him have the pork buns and get out of there? “Um, hey man, yeah. Sure. You can have these”.

But it was too late, before you’d even finished the sentence Niku Man already was plowing into your lunch. He gulps them down as if he hadn’t eaten for days. Suddenly steam starts rising, tweeting from his ears like a fleshy kettle.

Next thing his many suits start exploding into shreds; layer by layer they disappear, covering the entire restaurant. People don’t know whether to laugh or cry as their food goes flying in a chaotic mess of third degree burns.


The mysterious super hero leaps through the ceiling and zips off in a flash, leaving behind a delicious trail of destruction.

Kind of like this onahole!

nikuman01So this is the Niku-Man onahole from G Project. Did you know ‘nikuman’ is the Japanese name for Chinese baozi, ie; meat buns? YA DO NOW.

Then I suppose it’s only fitting that the box art features a wonderfully meaty girl – or ‘thiiiiicccccccc 👅 👀 🎅’ as social media would say. How do you do, fellow kids? She looks like she’s happy to be there, and the whole package is really nice and colourful. Good stuff!

nikuman02Inside you’ll find a single-use packet of lube and a bonus storage bag, which is pretty cool! Except the bag is too narrow for the onahole to fit. Whoops. Still, maybe it’ll come in handy for something else in the future.

nikuman03Maybe also fitting in with the meat bun theme, Niku Man feels kinda soft and fluffy to hold, yet the build design is tough as fucking nails. It’s a week-old meat bun which has been reheated in the microwave, essentially.

I don’t have much experience with G Project’s products but I love the material they’ve used here. No oily smell, and it won’t attract every strand of hair in the world after a few washes.

Let’s take a look inside, then!

nikuman04Jesus. Alright, how about a promo shot of what’s going on in there…

nikuman_insideHOLY FUCK FACTORY.

Niku-Man is one rugged onahole, absolutely littered with thick nubs seemingly clustered at random.

While the opening itself is quite large and easy-going, you’re going to feel the effects of that unforgiving inner texture straight away. Right from the get-go it’s like this thing is designed to beat the shit out of your dick. Sure. Hentai has taught me that’s a thing.

nikumanpromoPutting on serious pressure, Niku-Man doesn’t come across as a particularly tight tunnel, but all those rough lumps make it a relentless – almost tiring – fuck. Once you’re in there’s no breathing room whatsoever. Every slight motion causes different nubs to aggressively dig into your head and pulverize it from every angle.

This is high-level stimulation to the point where I swear it’s made my dick fucking ache during longer masturbation sessions.

It’s a good sense of danger though, if you’re up for it. Diving in with an especially rock hard erection is so rewarding.

You know how there are times where you’re just a little bit harder than usual for whatever reason? Yeah those. Niku-Man‘s there to come down like a tonne of shattered bricks.

nikuman_artReally wish they’d included this as a little poster in the box or something~

However one annoying aspect I’ve found is the onahole tends to spill a lot of lube. Likely because the entry point is so wide, using it upright means I’ve always ended up with lube dribbling down my balls and making a bloody mess. Not the end of the world, but eeehh.

On the plus side, a large opening and insane flexibility makes cleaning this onahole dead easy!

Aside from that, just know that you’re in for a borderline overwhelming sensation. All the time. Personally I really enjoy Niku-Man, but those looking for a more relaxed wank will want to avoid it.

nikuman05The real question though, is how does G Project’s Niku-Man compare with Crazy Dragon’s ‘nikuman’? I mean, these ones already come with extra filling!

nikuman06Mmmm, I think Niku-Man has the edge in visual appeal here.

nikuman08Niku-Man can accommodate a penis better than this, too.

nikuman07But these definitely rock the googly eyes better.

As for taste, well. A rubber sex toy compared to frozen meat buns that you heat up in the microwave? It’s a tie.


+ Great build quality
+ Incredibly strong stimulation
+ Easy to clean

– Might be way too aggressive for some folks
– Lube leaks out of the entry point
– Comes with a storage bag that doesn’t fit

11 thoughts on “Niku-Man – Slide into those steamy buns

  1. “How do you do, fellow kids?”
    Thanks, now with Steve Buscemi blocking my mind and Boardwalk Empire being the latest stuff I’ve seen from him, I imagined him running a smuggling operation for onaholes into the US.
    Wait, what if…?

    • … What if there was an onahole based on Steve Buscemi!

      Probably just be like a weird ball of damp laundry with a hole poked through the middle. It’d make grumpy noises the entire time, but still totally deliver.

  2. Agreed about the artwork. I wish more onahole artwork was avaliable online tbh. Sometimes the artists are on Pixiv, but they still don’t put up the work. Copyright issues I guess

    PS: Not to be creepy (who am I kidding) but have you ever posted pics of your dick? I just found this blog the other day.

  3. I was lurking around several sites and came across
    Meiki maria ozawa
    Meiki zxy
    Tomax venus clone

    People swear by these 3 its like the household name in masturbators. Your thoughts? Can you review these?

  4. Holy shit, the interior. It’s funny because in real life if a human being looked like that they would be immediately hospitalized as patient zero for some unknown disease that would kill most of the population.


    And damn it, that is the CUTEST onahole mascot of all time, no lie. I actually went to see if I could find more shots of her but no go which is a shame. She needs more attention damn it! LONG LIVE, uh….steam…bun….chan.

    Yes, Steambun-Chan!

    • Ah yeah! I’d love to review this one eventually. No promises though. :( It’s waaaay out of my price range for now, but it’s definitely on the list of things I’ll be saving up for.

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