Student Council President – She’s kinda anal

Product: Student Council President (性徒会長)
Manufacturer: Toy’s Heart
Measurements: length – 15cm, weight – 300g
Retailers: J-List* / Toy Demon* / Otona-SekaiKanojo Toys* / otonaJP / Motsu Toys*

– This product was provided by Toy’s Heart for masturbation review purposes
– Retailers marked with * are affiliate links

Wow, so Student Council President is pretty… well, it’s pretty unique. Unique in a good way, but I think this might be the anchovies on pizza of onaholes – some people are going to instantly love it, others will hate it.

Meanwhile a few might grow to like the sensation by first sticking their dick directly into the pizza oven in an attempt to penetrate a single anchovy, only to have a tornado rip through the building and sweep away the pain in a numbing vacuum of shaft-strangling orgasms.

Welcome to Toy’s Heart’s first ever attempt at an anal onahole.

The box art is lovely, what with your traditional student council president trope of having them float in the sky, looking disgruntled about how underwear just doesn’t fit their fucking enormous cheeks. We’ve all seen it before in anime like Gumby and Home Improvement.

Seriously, her arse is big enough to cause a solar eclipse.

But(t) yeah, rather than simply texturing a standard onahole and calling it an arse instead of a vagina, Toy’s Heart have specifically created something VERY different here.

For one, Student Council President attempts to simulate the sphincter muscles clamping down on your dick.

And then never letting go.

It does this with the help of a thick rubber ring surrounding the entrance, ensuring things always remain as insanely tight as possible.

To get a better understanding it’s probably best to check out the opening in all its glory.

Neat. Now imagine that tiny puckered hole pretty much refusing to make way for any penis-related activity. Straight up brick wall.

Lube up well for this (slap some on your dick as well as the onahole) because you’ll reeeeally need some serious force to get inside. Not only is the hole adorably small ‘n grumpy, Toy’s Heart went and padded the surrounding area to hell and back.

This alone might turn a lot of people off, especially if you’ve got a sensitive head.

Once you’ve slipped in (congrats on making it that far), the entrance locks you into what feels like an empty void. Your first few strokes consist of fighting against all the trapped air, only to have the situation reversed as it begins sucking like an elephant trying to jack peanut-laced fuel in space.

But if you’ve survived those first few terrifying moments, Student Council President really begins to shine.

Then again, the ring inside literally acts like a cock ring – gripping your shaft so tight it’s going to keep an erection at peak state no matter what – so even if you don’t survive, at least one part of your body will be forever preserved.

It’s like having sex with a hollowed out pear that has a vagina painted on. Hot.

As the design is so wide (and empty), there’s not much in the way of traditional onahole stimulation here. It’s all about the crushing band sliding up and down your shaft combined with an intense suction effect.

Also with the air getting pushed around, you can see the entire onahole deform which is fun. Unfortunately it’ll sound exactly like you’d expect from a rubber blob trying to cope with a penis stabbing at its mint condition oxygen collection.

The harder you thrust, the more it’ll give the illusion you’re playing a trumpet filled with yogurt. It’s the perfect cover.

Of course once you really get into the groove this can feel fucking fantastic. But again, it’s unlike any other product out there. Real difficult to make a comparison with anything basically.

bananagimmick2I love that the official product page from Toy’s Heart has this incredible claim though. It’s like they did this knowing full well I’d take them up on the challenge.


(However unlike Toy’s Heart staff, I did not eat the banana afterwards).

So if you’ve ever wanted to fuck a vacuum cleaner up the ass (hose) via its smallest possible attachment head, give Student Council President a shot.

It absolutely won’t be for everyone, but the experience of having your shaft’s blood flow crushed to enforce a harder erection can certainly make for some fun times.

Personally I’ve never been able to keep stroking my dick inside an onahole for so long after I’ve actually cum. Usually my erection’s just like “YEP, WE’RE DONE HERE” and makes a Transformer noise into flaccid territory, but not here. That shit stays rock hard long after death.

Perhaps with enough time, Student Council President could be used as an endless masturbation loop.

Student Council President

+ Completely unique take on anal onaholes
+ Possibly the tightest entry point ever

+ Crazy suction effect

– May cause legitimate pain upon entry
– Empty feeling; not much actual stimulation

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