KABEJIRI – They’re coming outta the goddamn walls

kabejiri_header1Product: KABEJIRI
Manufacturer: Magic Eyes
Measurements: length – 13.5cm, weight – 1.2kg / 2.6 lbs
Retailers: otonaJP / Otona-Sekai / Kanojo Toys* / J-List* / Toy Demon* / Motsu Toys / Love Merci
Header image: Sasaki Tamaru

– This product was provided by otonaJP for masturbation review purposes
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Have you ever had that dream where you’re set to speak in front of a huge crowd and you don’t have any pants on? Also you’ve accidentally teleported yourself halfway through a wall? Plus it’s your ass-half facing everyone and the speech is written on toilet paper dangling out?

Man, how embarrassing.

kabejiri_boxWhile such a relatable everyday situation isn’t the exact idea behind Magic Eyes’ KABEJIRI, we’re roughly in the same ballpark.

This onahole is meant to capture the feeling of fucking a girl from behind with her arms pressed against a wall, as she’s… stuck in another wall, I guess.

And it’s incredible. Just gonna straight up spoil six hundred paragraphs leading to a conclusion, but yeah. I can’t get enough of KABEJIRI. The sensation is as close as humanly possible to being a blob of phallic-shaped butter melting on rubber toast – in an even more sexual way.

However, first impressions are definitely a tad shoulder-shruggin’.

kabejiri01For starters it ships without any padding in the box – which is a minor thing to whinge about really – but it can’t be good for the onahole to bang around so much. Opening it up to see greasy splotches all over the cardboard didn’t exactly get the blood pumping.

kabejiri02kabejiri03Plus the holes on KABEJIRI look kinda sloppy. Kinda reeeaaal sloppy. Mid-range price point aside, it’s like someone at Magic Eyes ran it under a sewing machine placed in the middle of a bouncy castle.

Anyway, let’s check out KABEJIRI in its natural habitat. A poorly lit desk.

kabejiri04I already loved the way it stands upright; perfect for applying lube or ice cream cones. The size is somewhere between a larger hip product (like Magic Eyes’ very own Wonder Ring) and a standard handheld onahole. It’s basically an onahole XL. Same goes for the weight, coming in at just over a kilo.

Also yeah, you can totally go at it against a wall with enough clumsy dedication. Honestly it’s not big enough to use this way, but the option is there!

kabejiri05Press your ear into the anus and you might even be able to hear whatever shit’s going on in the next room.

Grabbing hold of KABEJIRI (all caps – all the time), you’ll feel some extra solid bits goin’ on inside. This is because Magic Eyes have implemented another faux-bone structure. They’ve been messing around with Frankenstein’s pelvis tech for a few years now, and this onahole’s compact approach absolutely fucking nails it.

kabejiri_promo1 kabejiri_promo2The ass tunnel gets no love here sadly, acting as just… I dunno, something extra if you wanna briefly switch things up mid-masturbation. It’s not bad, but KABEJIRI’s really all about the vagina.

And fuck. So sliding inside is incredibly easy thanks to those opening flaps being a circus tent in the breeze, then almost immediately you’ll pass through the most insanely pleasurable part of an onahole I think I’ve ever experienced.

kabejiri_insideThis bit. THIS BIT RIGHT HERE. I can’t hype this fleshy red nightmare cluster enough. It’ll grind against your head in all the right spots, locking onto the underside before gently tugging back. It’s as if Magic Eyes have perfectly textured every strand for maximum heavy breathing.

Hoooo-leeeey shit, man. The feedback from pushing through is just unreal. If it was all the onahole had to offer I’d still be more than satisfied.

I’ve already exclusively used this starting point to cum a few times now, slowly pulling the onahole off my dick to let each notch drag along, only to quickly slam back in again. Important life details.

kabejiri_16bitKeep going though, and the hard plastic bones really start to take effect. KABEJIRI isn’t particularly tight, but the walls sorta react in a more uh, ‘realistic’ way. You can feel them attempting to squeeze in after your shaft has pushed them apart. Morphing back into place basically.

There’s nothing rough about the interior; no sharp surprises or crushing. Everything still works together in a remarkably intense, pleasant way.

Going at a slower pace just to last as long as possible, my brain fucking melts. I love it.

kabejiri_artOne important thing to keep in mind however, KABEJIRI’s internal structure is surprisingly short. The main tunnel runs for about four and a half inches with say, two more added thanks to cushy arse cheek padding.

These things are always designed to stretch to some extent, but I’m just over six inches and slamming the onahole down already bulges out a fair bit.


So far so good, though I’m concerned about the onahole’s long-term use. After two weeks of extensive scientific testing I can already tell that area has gotten weaker.

Lately I’ve held back on roughly pushing the onahole down when I finish, but if you’re packing anything over say, seven inches then maybe KABEJIRI’s limitations could get frustrating. Followed by broken.

I hope Magic Eyes expand upon whatever they’ve done here and make a full-size hip version in the future. KABEJIRI is reasonably priced (under $40 USD depending on which retailer you’re looking at), but they can go bigger. They have the technology.

No bullshit though, this is absolutely one of the best onaholes I’ve ever used.


+ This is how I want to die
+ Easy to clean

– Tunnel is short, larger dicks might just rip right through the top
– There’s no way to wear this onahole as pants without getting weird stares

12 thoughts on “KABEJIRI – They’re coming outta the goddamn walls

    • Going by pure feeling alone, I’d say Kabejiri is better than both.

      Kabejiri > ZXY > Sisters Virgin

      Three Sisters Virgin is a very different beast to ZXY and Kabejiri though, pretty much off doing its own thing. It’s tight as all fuck (which Kabejiri isn’t) and built like a tank.

      • How would you compare the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo to Kabejiri, by the way, new fan of your site, and I am loving your reviews, keep up the good work!

        • Thanks!

          I’d say Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo has the edge over Kabejiri. It’s *much* tighter and more stimulating. That and it can take a bit more punishment than Kabejiri.

          I mean, as much as I love Kabejiri sometimes it’s nice to have something a bit rougher.

          • Thanks for your reply, just got it a few days ago, and you weren’t kidding about it being tight, made it tougher to clean and dry, because it just stays in shape so well.

  1. I also have this onahole and completely agree. Only problem is the material around the entrance has started to flake on mine.

  2. So this and Wonder Ring Poco Pen has the same gimmick and vagina design, except Poco Pen is bigger.

    How would you compare the two? Since a japanese review site kind of gave it pretty low marks.

  3. How would this compare to Sujiman Kupa Cocolo? Thinking of getting either one, I’ve had the cocolo before and absolutely loved it, want to get a replacement but torn between that and the kabejiri.

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