School Girl Panties #44 – You’re looking under where?

schoolgirlpanties_header2Product: School Girl Panties #44
Measurements: No idea, they’re panties yo
Retailers: Otona-Sekai
Header image: Shimetta Seiya

– This product was provided by Otona-Sekai for masturbation review purposes

‘How do I even attempt to review a pair of panties’ I pondered, noticing the cat had started to nudge them around the room as collateral damage in a bizarre attempt to chase a cockroach. ‘Oh no, my panties’.

Given that the whole smell shit creeped its way into the blog as a staple while I began to accept my fetish-related fate, I’m not exactly unfamiliar with using a handful of fabric to enhance the scent of deadly chemicals. Pretty used to spewing some long drawn-out sentences, too.

But still, just think of all the other purposes a pair of undies worn by a 100% genuine anime school girl could have in life. Maybe several!

Otona-Sekai kindly supplied me with some, so here’s a thing.

schoolgirlpanties01Yep, that’s School Girl Panties #44 alright – the FORTY-FOURTH pair to collect and trade with friends. Those with the most interesting array of stains win.

Needless to say, Tamatoys have been pumping these out like fuckin’ crazy. And hey, good on ’em. It’s such a simple idea which has obviously worked out incredibly well. I think they’re up to fifty-ish by now after a year?

Each pair has a unique design and scent, while the packaging features a different girl showing them off in one way or another.

schoolgirlpantiesexampleAnnoyed face, embarrassed face, ‘hello here are my panties’ face. The choice is endless.


schoolgirlpanties03School Girl Panties #44 is somewhere in this photo. They’re pretty white, I guess? And um.

schoolgirlpanties04Oh! There’s this pretty ribbon thing on them. The type you’d find on a professionally gift-wrapped present. Or a really fancy cake that just has ribbons all over it. The entire room would nervously applaud their unwanted presence. “I cannot enjoy this funeral when the cake contains so much fabric” someone would remark. It would be a crisis.

The scent is… mild, but I can’t exactly put my finger on it. Almost like they’ve been hanging out on the clothes line, drying in the Summer breeze. But then someone’s gone by with the lawn mower and gotten a mixture of grass clippings and ants all over them.

Anime school girls sure have very interesting crotches.

schoolgirlpanties05If the built-in smell isn’t interesting enough, you can always whack on whatever. I’m using Scent of My Classmate’s Sweaty Blouse here. I’ll probably do a full review of that eventually. It’s pretty good. Not (b)lousy at all.

What else, then? Well. If you have like a love doll or anything, these are likely the main reason to buy a pair. I’ve only got a bedroom full of nightmares onaholes, no actual proper dolls to show as an example. They did fit sorta okay on my Wonder Ring: Poco Pen! though.

schoolgirlpanties06Hang on, there’s something missing here. This stumpy flesh chunk right out of Mortal Kombat fatality with panties is somehow not giving me the full authentic anime school girl illusion.

schoolgirlpanties07Oooh baby, that’s it. That’s my erection.

(It only just occurred to me that I could have tried putting them on the Insert Air Pillow, buuuut I’m currently typing this sentence on a bus and that’s my excuse).

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from wearing the panties yourself. Nothing aside from your waistline I suppose; they’re kinda small.

I even tried putting them on.





Wow they look amazing.

At roughly $10 US each, Tamatoys’ range of School Girl Panties aren’t cheap, but I guess the quality is good? And they come with a bonus scent without any effort required.

You could always go to Target or something and buy a pair for much cheaper with exclusive Target smells, but those don’t have REAL OFFICIAL ANIME SCHOOL GIRLS on the packaging.

Step up your fucking game, Target.

School Girl Panties #44

+ They’re panties
+ They smell like something?
+ That ribbon thing is top class

– They’re expensive panties
– I have a sneaking suspicion they’re not really school girl panties

schoolgirlpantiescompBonus! I’ll probably never get a better chance to casually end with such a competition, but I couldn’t resist this panties gashapon when I was in Japan a few weeks back.

The capsule includes a pink pair of panties and a sample packet of lube – that’s QUITE A COMBO. You could win this and some other stuff I haven’t figured out yet! Maybe some chocolates, I dunno.

Just chuck me an email at with ‘Panties’ in the subject line. You can leave the email itself blank, it’s cool.

I’ll pick a winner by saaaay this time next week? So entries close December 9th!

UPDATE (10/12): Entries have now closed, thanks everyone! I’ll email the winner shortly – after I randomly jab a finger at my inbox to pick someone.

6 thoughts on “School Girl Panties #44 – You’re looking under where?

    • All depends on where you shop, but $100 could get you the excellent Meiki no Syoumei 05 Zhang Xiao Yu ( and La Bocca Della Verita ( from Toy Demon including shipping (use ‘SHIPFREE’ code at checkout).

      I’d also highly recommend the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo (, but grabbing all three of those would be above $100. :(

      • I prefer to shop at CoolMST as I find they have great prices and great shipping. This time however, they took nearly a week on 1-5 day shipping and I live 240 miles from them. As I’m not huge on oral and Meiki didn’t have
        “weeb” enough boxart and you said she wasn’t as stimulating as you hoped I ended up going with Sujiman Kupa Lolinco (CMST doesn’t have Virgo ;-;) and Daisyuki Hold (two of the onaholes you seemed to rave about the most). I will say compared to my first onahole (Toysheart Fuwapuni) these things are freaking amazing. I’ve used them about 7 times each and while Daisyuki hold is still perfect (besides the last inch or so which is boring as you said) Lolinco is having some problems. After just the second wash it already started getting very sticky though I could live with that. However, on my most recent use of it the second ring split. :c While those are decent annoyances, for the price of Lolinco I think it is still an amazing buy. Thank you for all of your reviews as I really am happy with my purchase and I can’t wait until next christmas for money to buy more!

        • Awesome, I’m glad you’re enjoying your purchases! It’s always fun to fall in love with new onaholes~ Sorry to hear about Lolinco already falling apart though. :( Unfortunately there’s always that possibility; I’ve had quality onaholes start falling apart way quicker than they should before.

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