Campus Life: Job Hunting Type – Experience not required

Product: Campus Life: Job Hunting Type
Manufacturer: Toy’s Heart
Measurements: length – 16.5cm, weight – 275g
Retailers: Motsu Toys / Kanojo Toys* / otonaJP / Toy Demon* / Otona-Sekai / Love Merci
Header image: ymr

– This product was provided by Toy’s Heart for masturbation review purposes
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Last year’s launch of the Campus Life duo – both Athlete Type and Tidy Type – turned out to be a massive hit for Toy’s Heart. Like way beyond their expectations even, as the company had to apologise a few weeks later at Japan Adult Expo for not being able to keep up with demand.

Could you just imagine the flaccid-feeling of letting so many penises down?

But with their appealing box art, hyped marketing jargon about ‘dimensionless structures’ (??) and possibly the sheer lure of wanting to know what the hell a ‘tidy type’ student’s rubber vagina felt like, I can see why these two onaholes took off.

Either that or word quickly spread about how such simple looking designs beat the absolute shit out of any dick that dared to enter, and nobody believed it so they kept buying them like some viral challenge to raise awareness of nerve damage. I don’t know.

Anyway! Toy’s Heart have now released a third version – Campus Life: Job Hunting Type.

Huh, is being unemployed really a type? Oh you have stable income? Sorry, not my type. Shit. Maybe it’s time to fire up my OKCupid profile for another crack at the dating game. ‘UNEMPLOYED NICE GUY looking for someone to share my interests in masturbating over hentai into rubber tubes’.

Like the other two, Campus Life: Job Hunting Type features some damn nice character art.

Those sweaty tits!

Those legs which stretch beyond mere constraints of a front cover, bending into a mysterious void that is the cardboard fold! Sexy as fuck.

As for the onahole itself, welp. It looks exactly the same as the other Campus Life designs. Just a slightly different colour. And that’s fine. I think it’s kinda cool Toy’s Heart are sticking with a uniform style for this series.

Which means yeah, you’re getting a very narrow tube with some crudely slapped on vagina lips. Nothing fancy.

On the plus side Campus Life: Job Hunting Type feels much tougher this time around. Seems Toy’s Heart listened to feedback and strengthened the ‘Fresh Skin’ material, as it was incredibly easy to tear open the entrance on Athlete Type and Tidy Type.

These onaholes tend to trap a lot of air, which could only go so far before forcing its way back out the opening (or perhaps down your urethra) and breaking one of them. Whatever same difference. Not here though! At least not in my experience so far.

This increase in security is an especially handy improvement considering Campus Life: Job Hunting Type is easily the most intense version. And that’s saying a lot for the Campus Life series.

Look at that shit, jesus. Campus Life: Job Hunting Type is TOUGH. It’s as if Toy’s Heart tossed a handful of spiky balls inside and called it a day.

From the moment you enter, be prepared to shove your way through. Like really grip the onahole and forcibly yank it down, because wow these job seekin’ walls absolutely do not want to work with you.

Chunky thick textured blobs are there to greet your head with a massive jolt of stimulation. They’ll lock into ridges you didn’t know your dick even had and grind away until you pop past ’em.

I really can’t remember the last time I came across/into an onahole with such a full-on starting point. While I love this sort of abuse, forgeeet about it if you’ve got a sensitive head. Job Hunting Type instantly throws everything it’s got at you. So much so it ends up dulling the next impact points; blending into a mess of thick and heavy feedback.

In a way this almost feels like an ‘extreme’ take on the already aggressive Athlete Type. It’ll just bully your head into submission. And hell, that might be exactly what you’re after! Just don’t expect much else here. I didn’t even notice the vacuum chamber which was a big part of the previous Campus Life onaholes. Too busy blowing my load as a means to escape.

Seriously, Campus Life: Job Hunting Type is straight up hardcore stimulation. Imagine rolling your cock through two tennis balls either side coated in corn chip shards and there you go, that’s a JOB HUNTING girl’s vagina apparently. You’d never expect it from the outside, but yep. Exactly it. 100%.

Although just like the other models, this onahole is inexplicably loud as a result. I guess no amount of extra padding with the build quality can help this, which is a shame. I absolutely wouldn’t recommend Campus Life: Job Hunting Type if you’re trying to keep your masturbation a secret from anyone in the nearby neighbourhood. Every slight motion manages to fill the room with delicious shame.

And honestly, I’d say the whole noise thing is my only real complaint with Campus Life: Job Hunting Type. It’s a very simple looking onahole which doesn’t fuck around; probably the roughest thing Toy’s Heart have put out in a while.

… Which makes sense. Job hunting is the sort of unwanted stress that’d clamp a vagina right up and fill it with spiky balls I reckon. JUST MY TYPE.

Campus Life: Job Hunting Type

+ The tightest/most brutal of the three Campus Life onaholes so far
+ Better build quality than the other two
+ If you’re after maximum stimulation that forces you to work for it, then here’s your onahole

– It’s a very thin design. Thick shafts might still rip this one apart
– Holy fuck is it loud
– Really this is borderline violence on your head; if you’re looking for variety then nope

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