Naive Sister: Narrow Edition – Now more 2D than ever

Product: Naive Sister: Narrow Edition
 Toy’s Heart
Measurements: length – 14.5cm, weight – 375g
Retailers: Kanojo Toys* / Otona-Sekai / otonaJP
Header image: Neneko

– This product was provided by Toy’s Heart for masturbation review purposes
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Hey, I hope everyone had a happy new year! Or hell, even just a new year in general. I imagine it would be quite tragic going to sleep on new year’s eve only to wake up the following morning next to Fred Flintstone back in the stone age; his filthy spotted orange outfit just barely covering the used rock condom wedged up his arse.

“WE YABBA-DABBA DID IT” he yells, rolling out of bed and out the window on the neck of a fuckin’ prehistoric giraffe-goat or whatever. A continuous laugh track loop fills the air.

So what better way to start 2017 than a new version of an onahole which originally came out almost ten years ago? You know, to really appreciate how far our modern rubber fuck hole technological benefits have come.

… And how far you’re willing to push the risk of getting annihilated by customs.

This is Naive Sister: Narrow Edition, an updated spin on the classic Naive Sister from Toy’s Heart.

Naive Sister (often listed on retail sites as Innocent Sister) launched back in 2008 as one of the first examples of ‘Safe Skin’ material. It also sported some Blast Processing tech terms like ‘3D Wavy Hole 2’ but hey. The onahole was such a gigantic success for Toy’s Heart that they’re still manufacturing it to this day. Not many Japanese wank blobs have that honour, and while its box art was thankfully updated over time, Naive Sister remains a top seller.

Something tells me she’s probably not very innocent at this point though, ehuehue-ten billion dicks.

 Ah, 2008. A time when onahole characters looked like they came from 1998.

I love how Toy’s Heart revisit some of their classic designs, and Naive Sister: Narrow Edition is another interesting attempt at changing things up completely. On the outside you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between the original version and Narrow Edition, but on the inside? When you’re hard pressing? Totally different. Almost like it lives up to the ‘narrow edition’ name or something. How zany.

No but seriously Toy’s Heart are really obsessed with how Naive Sister looked; they’ve since used the exact same design for about six zillion onaholes. It’s great. I enjoy the added element of mystery when reaching for something in my collection now.

I really couldn’t tell you which one is Naive Sister: Narrow Edition in this photo.

But here’s Naive Sister: Narrow Edition before I lost it Wally/Waldo style. Very basic tooth-like build for maximum sexual sex, absolutely no odour and it feels nice and solid.

Toy’s Heart aren’t messing around, Naive Sister: Narrow Edition is insanely tight. After poking through the entrance, those walls clamp down like a road rage incident where someone is trying to shake their clenched vagina at another motorist instead of their fists because you gotta keep both hands on the steering wheel. Safety first.

The tunnel is littered with minor bumps and ridges, but it’s the sheer crushing pressure stealing the spotlight. Each thrust encourages you to pump deeper and harder than you’d probably expect just because everything seals right back up again the instant your shaft pulls out.

Like, I’ve rammed into this one so hard it’s caused the top half to judder about in a sloppy shock wave. And it’s nice! There’s something so soft and comfy about the material squeezing in.

But unlike the original Naive Sister which was high on aggressive stimulation, Naive Sister: Narrow Edition feels really tame in comparison. The walls lack any major textures and despite looking cool in some of the promo pics, the end zone just acts as an empty breather. This isn’t a bad thing, but the two onaholes are so vastly different it feels weird to even use the same Naive Sister branding.

Naive Sister: Narrow Edition’s good if you’re after a consistently tight sensation to send you over the edge. Personally I found the feedback a bit lacking and repetitive after a while, but I think my dick is at the point where I’d barely feel a blender full of glowing 1,000 degree knives, so whatever.

I’m sure this shithouse reference won’t become dated at all.

Just a word of advice, don’t leave Naive Sister: Narrow Edition unattended after you’ve cum into it. Fuck, the tunnel is so narrow it’ll instantly force everything back out. Goes for lube, too. Sometimes I’ll lube up an onahole and rest it on the desk for a while before resting it on my dick, but NOPE. NOT HERE. LUBE ALL OVER THE DESK. (Stand it up against something if possible).

Naive Sister: Narrow Edition

+ It’s really, really tight without being outright painful
+ Highly durable
+ Easy to clean 
+ Ultra quiet in use, excellent if you live with others and only want them to hear your best camel impressions as you wank

– Lacks stimulation to go with all that tightness which might get dull
– Dribbles lube and cum back out all over the bloody place 
– Oddly expensive compared to other Toy’s Heart onaholes

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