Scent of my Classmate’s Sweaty Blouse – Don’t take it off

Product: Scent of my Classmate’s Sweaty Blouse
Manufacturer: OSC (Outvision)
Retailers: otonaJP / Kanojo Toys* / Otona-Sekai
Header image: Akagi Asahito

– This product was provided by otonaJP for masturbation review purposes
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SOUND EFFECT! The door swings open with such force it gives the illusion of a jump cut, surprising the person standing behind it at the time. Now hurtling to their demise after being flung out a window, they can’t help but question how an automatic sliding door would physically function in such a way.

A young girl rests against the wall. “Sorry I’m late” she huffs, catching her breath as a heat-haze emanates from her chest. “I’m here for the job interview”.

The room is full of inconspicuous goons in bad guy suits carrying rocket launchers glued to snapping turtles, all of which now have them pointed directly towards the entrance.

“I think you’ve got the wrong place”, one of them responds. He attempts to cock his weapon by pulling the turtle’s tail. “You need to leave”.

The girl smirks, suddenly ripping open her shirt. “Sure, no SWEAT!” she yells – a torrent of clear liquid explodes from her glistening breasts, drowning everyone in an instant.

Marvel’s tiresome page-flipping animation fills the screen as their next super hero mega hit SWEATY BLOUSE begins.

So it seems someone at Outvision is really determined to capture the smell of sweaty clothing, and I’m absolutely okay with this important endeavour. After last year’s failure with Clubmate Girl’s Panties Smell (already discontinued), the company has since released three more products all trying to do the same thing.

Aside from Scent of my Classmate’s Sweaty Blouse which is what I’m covering today, there’s also Tennis Clubmate’s  Skirt Scent and Club Classmate’s Sweaty Pants. Surely one of them is close to… something class-ish.

Club Classmate’s Sweaty Pants on the right even comes with a pair of panties~

But yeah, Scent of my Classmate’s Sweaty Blouse. I think this might be my favourite smell fetish thingy in a while.

I love that Outvision’s sticking with that ‘smells like teen spirit’ line.

The cover art (lifted from some eroge I’m not entirely sure of) is nice, and the bottle even came with some bonus bubble wrap to keep it from shaking around inside the box. You could sprinkle a few drops on the bubble wrap to enhance the common fantasy of popping an anthropomorphic sheet of bubble wrap’s sweaty cherry. Would that also be murder? I dunno.

Like the other smell fetish products I’ve tried from Outvision, this one works best if you’re rubbing it into something, be it fabric or your skin – really get it into your bloodstream. Just putting a few drops down as is won’t achieve anything; rub that shit in.

Source: Kurosususu

After letting it sit for a few seconds, Scent of my Classmate’s Sweaty Blouse comes across as a light mix of like uh, soy sauce with a pile of dirty laundry? It’s salty and musky without being too in your face(y), but every now and then I’ve also gotten a minor hint of something sweet. Perhaps that’s the brain damage setting in.

Either way, I really like this scent. I really really like it. The visual aspect of sweaty animu girls is already an instant trigger for my crotch to raise the bridge, so combining that with a fitting scent has me going so fucking hard it’s like my soul is trying to escape my dick every time.

With enough imagination I can totally picture this as someone who’s just been working out, and then got turned into a plastic bottle of liquid by a wizard or whatever. Sexy as hell. Sure, a sweaty blouse might be a very specific fetish within a fetish, but for me at least this absolutely does the generic ‘sweaty smell’ trick.

My only issue is that the overall scent is fairly weak so you’ll need to apply heaps, and the bottle design itself is a pain in the arse. It’s easy to spill drops of it everywhere and there’s nothing worse than getting sweaty blouse where you don’t want sweaty blouse.

Super impressed otherwise, please put out another six hundred billion sweat things, Outvision.

Also my smell fetish junk is starting to rival my onahole collection so I had to start labelling them and make a shelf of shame. It’s too late for me, I am already dead. At least I won’t accidentally mistake any of them for my deodorant – or my water bottle – I suppose.

(The ‘uniform’ one will be the next review. I have no idea what a uniform is supposed to smell like).

Scent of my Classmate’s Sweaty Blouse

+ Smells like a girl’s shirt which has been drenched in sweat, so pretty much what it set out to achieve
+ Includes free bubble wrap
+ Big bottle of it

– The scent is kinda weak and needs to be reapplied a lot
– Easy to spill drops
– This stuff ain’t cheap in the slightest

13 thoughts on “Scent of my Classmate’s Sweaty Blouse – Don’t take it off

  1. Compare this with the gal smell, please
    The one in your collection is the same gal smell you reviewed a while ago, right? Or maybe a new, different one?

    • Yeah, it’s the same Gal one I reviewed before. Comparing them, I think Gal edges out Sweaty Blouse as it’s ‘dirtier’ smelling and stronger, which makes it easier to get the imagination flowing. Sweaty Blouse can take some time before it really kicks in.

      • Thanks again.
        I know I said it months before already, but I’ll eventually get that gal smell since you speak highly of it… and because of my gyaru fetish.

    • So I heard! The future is finally becoming a thing. Really keen to try it out, but there’s no way I’m getting a VR headset anytime soon. =x

      I wonder if it’d be worth just grabbing the scents by themselves though…

      • Thing is called “OhRoma”.
        I know there’s no way I won’t sound racist, but – “roma” is how some gypsies call themselves.
        Can’t unthink this.
        Whenver I will see or hear of this, I’ll never want to try it because of the fear of smelling that authentic, unwashed gypsy smell.

        Also it’s mad expensive, might be better to just get an escort and experience the real smell while getting more.

  2. I dunno, i’m not an expert on girl sweat or anything, but I couldn’t really get a smell out of this thing. Didn’t matter how much I applied, at best I smelled a slight tinge of alcohol (The type you’d find in a first-aid kit).
    I bought the Classmate’s Sweaty Pantys along with it, and that one is like this one except stronger so I could actually smell it and also lasts a lot longer. I still couldn’t really smell too much from that one, but it’s about what i’d imagine sweaty anything to smell anyways.

    • Ah damn :( That’s a shame, but thanks for sharing! I find it interesting how vastly different smell fetish stuff is for everyone. Even the handful of ones that manage to get multiple user reviews on Amazon or otonaJP are all over the place.

      Also now I’m even more interested in trying the Sweaty Pants one out!

  3. You know….with the amount of time spent on designing the boxes and the girls that line them (if they’re not stealing art, that is) you’d think they’d go a little further with the bottles as well. I don’t know, make them look cute and girly for the scent within rather than putting them in generic bottles that can EASILY switched with something else.

    Oh god….Yeah, please don’t release this outside of Japan in large markets. I can only imagine the pranks kids would pull on people with this stuff.

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