Punyo in the Chinpo – Putting the D in dick

Product: Punyo in the Chinpo / 玉の上のプニョ
Measurements: length – 19cm, weight – 380g
Retailers: Peach-JP / My Onahole / Otona-Sekai / Kanojo Toys* / otonaJP
Header image: Ubanis

– This product was provided by otonaJP for masturbation review purposes
– Retailers marked with * are affiliate links

I swear to god this must have been the result of some dodgy monkey paw situation. Like someone wished for more shota themed onaholes, a finger went down, next thing you know there’s Punyo in the Chinpo.

Sure it’s based around having sex with a boy and all, just… with their penis. Their penis which has a fully textured urethra. For maximum penis-in-penis action.

Amazing. In a world where we have onaholes about belly buttons and ear canals, it still doesn’t get much more fuckin’ anime than this.

Probably not surprising then that Punyo in the Chinpo is from Tamatoys. They originally tested the urethra penetration idea with 2015’s Futanari Musume Double Hole, except the dick on that thing was waaaay too small and clumsy to enter. The solution? Dump the body; make the entire onahole a penis. Easy.

And the best/worst part (depending on how you feel about fucking a dick) is that it’s one of the nicest products Tamatoys have put out in ages. Those lunatics are famous for attention grabbing gimmicks, but the end result is typically low-budget shit. Not here. Everything about Punyo in the Chinpo is really well done.

Starting with the box art, drawn by Xil.

Naturally it’s censored on the actual cover because it’d be absurd to show dicks on the cover of a big rubber dick you put your dick inside, but Xil provided the uncensored art here.

Oh I see.

So I guess based on this in-depth story we’re fucking the one on the right.

Hey so the attention to detail on Punyo in the Chinpo is absurd, especially for a Tamatoys release. From the official testicle seam of approval to the frenulum near the head, all the penis-like details are here.

Also no, WordPress, I do not mean ‘pendulum’. Please stop.

Maybe too many wrinkles though.

The onahole is pretty floppy to hold and heavily unbalanced thanks to those danglin’ solid rubber balls. At first I thought this would make it wiggle around too much during use, but it doesn’t actually matter once you’re wanking. If anything you might just end up grasping it tighter than normal and adding to the weirdly thick sensation.

Due to the design, Punyo in the Chinpo has a flat base (not sure what else they could have done), yet there’s no way the onahole can stand up by itself.

Expect to rest it against something or risk a serious case of flaccid-flopping and your lube and/or cum being pissed back out.

And there it is, that’s the hole you have to deal with. It’ll easily stretch out with enough force, like an erection crashing into it. Or two fingers?

Oh no how terrifying.

Phew that’s better.

But despite the entrance being flexible enough to accommodate a monster truck, getting inside Punyo in the Chinpo is still tricky at times. There’s nothing to ‘guide’ your head inside, which means you end up smashing against the onahole until something gives way. Usually this results in the entrance caving in on itself, and suddenly you’ve got a rubber penis attempting to eat itself.

Give it a few short strokes and everything fixes itself though. It’s not a huge issue, just chunky to begin with.

Once you get going…. man. Who knew having your dick encased by a another dick would be so comfy. There’s nothing wild about the textures inside, but you get a very different level of feedback depending on which part you’re currently sliding past.

At the start there’s like a set of twisted ribs that lock around your head and put on some serious squeeze. You’ve gotta shove in pretty hard, as the onahole pushes right back. This probably helps fuel the ‘I shouldn’t be inside someone’s urethra but you can’t tell me what to do’ rebel fantasy.

Around the halfway mark is where Punyo in the Chinpo gets even tighter, grinding into you with thick bumps. I find myself hovering around this section right before orgasm, as it offers the most stimulation. Then slam that fucker down.

Also the bumps reminded me of Radiohead’s perfectly normal Soylent Green doujin. Let me forget.

I mentioned it somewhere earlier, but the top of the onahole tends to slightly wobble around as you’re stroking. I like this, it’s nice. As the balls bang about it gently pulls the tunnel over your shaft in unexpected directions, as if you’re having sex with one of those arm-flailing tube men things they have out the front of used car dealerships.

You get some bloody insane suction with this thing too. The opening seals shut around your shaft hardcore, especially during longer sessions when the lube is starting to wear thin. Just trying to yank the onahole off to put more lube in there might open up a rip in time/space.

Perhaps a video would have worked 1,000% better (or nothing at all), but this is me attempting to remove Punyo in the Chinpo from my dick.

I don't know why I'm putting a spoiler tag for dick pics in this review of all things but hey

Merely entertaining the thought of anything actually going inside a dick makes me want to curl up into a ball so hard I could visit the fuckin’ Green Hill Zone, but I’ve already used Punyo in the Chinpo so much more than I ever expected to.

Fully went in with the intention of a joke review for a joke review, but it’s become my go-to hole for over a week now.

It just feels great. There’s a stable level of stimulation going on mixed with a few wobblin’ surprises and I love that it basically encases your shaft… with its shaft.


Obviously the form factor will still make this an INCREDIBLY niche product, but if you’ve ever dreamed of cumming into someone’s urethra to perhaps power their testicles with your life force, Tamatoys absolutely have you covered.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the next version of this revolves around dick-nipples.

Punyo in the Chinpo

+ Tight with a nice variation in light stimulation
+ Technically your balls won’t touch if you’re worried about that
+ Insanely high level of visual detail
+ Built to stretch wide open, unlike a real urethral opening?

– Bit too floppy which makes applying lube annoying
– Getting inside can difficult at times
– The tunnel being long and narrow makes cleaning the very end of it a chore

18 thoughts on “Punyo in the Chinpo – Putting the D in dick

  1. I’ve been waiting for this review, thank you.
    Quite surprised it’s actually a good onahole.
    If you ever bust a hole through the end, you can play out the Pregnant Boys doujin and give birth to something through the urethra.
    I excuse myself to everyone who just had mental flashbacks of that horror.

    Eye socket penetration onahole when?
    Hey, we already have the guro amputee one.

    • christ almighty im dying but not for the reason you think
      if we’re thinking of the same doujin that scene was the funniest shit, the one yelling the shonen protag style “don’t give up! we’re in this together!” while fucking the other one and then the other one screams and the baby fucking somersaults out of his dick in a way that looks like it’s coming out of the frame straight up 10/10
      and this is from someone who’s usually real into that shit

      …that said i don’t have a dick so maybe it doesn’t trigger that sort of visceral physical response for me

      honestly I do wonder what they’re going to think up next… My best guess, based on my Highly Analytical Research Paper* trends in “things to draw your character sticking their dick into”… maybe intestines? like a coil of ’em guro style. an eye socket would work too.

      …maybe a nostril? hotdogging? bellyzuri? armpit? the possibilities are endless get your chips ready

      *Highly Analytical Research Paper = my nsfw tumblr

      • Ahahaha, I don’t think this is the same doujin, but wow am I interested in seeing that now.

        Also intestine onahole would actually be fascinating. Like you could buy multiple copies of them and join them together for the latest toy craze.


      • Super late answer, but here we go –
        you almost made me look it up again, but I’ll just rather say it’s the one with the 2 boys in a small village and they do it to please some earth-god and also the whole village helps during the delivery, one of them gives birth through the anus, other through the urethra. At the end the earthgod comes and flies away with the babies.
        Probably the same thing we thought about.

        Since all those things exist in various hentai forms, they have a potential to be eventually made into a fucktoy.
        Hotdogging is kinda possible with some of the bigger ass onaholes or with the lifesize dolls.
        On the other side, we have horsecock shaped dildos that ejaculate fake cum, probably some with rotating function as well.

        Since armpits are a fetish gaining more popularity slowly, I’d bet on that one being the next, not sure how it would look like though.

    • Eye socket, then a nose! Soon we’ll be able to make a complete face from onaholes.

      A terrible face.

      That’ll bring about the end of the universe.

  2. Hey, do you have any recommendations for holes that are, you know, not straight? From what I’ve seen on the site there are like 3 that are specifically dudes, but what do you think are the best ones that aren’t a vagina / girl’s mouth?

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