The Different World Begun with a Housemaid Sister – Oh

Product: The Different World Begun with a Housemaid Sister
Measurements: length – 15cm, weight – 340g
Retailers: J-List* / otonaJP / Kanojo Toys* / Otona-Sekai
Header image: Smas

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When Tamatoys first revealed The Different World Begun with a Housemaid Sister back in February, it uh… kinda set off instant alarm bells. While the concept was neat and the Engrish charming, the actual onahole design looked awkward as all fuck to use.

(It’s a mystery how this review will end!)

A parody of the twin sister maids Rem and Ram from Re:Zero – that hit series about some boring-ass car who consistency makes poor relationship choices – the onahole set out to offer two vaginas in one conveniently compact blob.

‘2 in 1!’ Tamatoys delightfully advertised, as if it were some Ubisoft shovelware compilation cart.

So you get two tiny holes stacked on top of each other. How the hell are you supposed to hold this?

Just looking at it, The Different World Begun with a Housemaid Sister is a product which clearly needed more than five seconds of thought (followed by five dicks of testing), yet it didn’t even get that.

Tamatoys rushed this out the following week at an absurdly high price and the market shrugged its collective testicles in response.

At least the box art is pretty fantastic! Though for some reason all official jay pegs of the cover are censored online, so here you go:

The best part of this entire thing.

Jam a stick in the middle and you could probably pass it off as a really thick ice cream.

So the idea here is that Rem and Ram are plopped together and you can switch between them for different sensations mid-wank.

Ram (the pink colour on the left) is made of super soft and flexible material, while Rem (right) is some bloody tough rubber. Narrow and difficult to get inside. Exactly like the anime I think.

These shots were both taken at MAXIMUM FINGER STRETCHING.

The softer pink hole is like fucking a handful of cheese slices. You slide through and feel nothing but regret. It’s too floppy and smooth, offering zero resistance or stimulation. Half the time it’d sorta just cave in around my penis.

Meanwhile the harder hole feels like you’ve just stuck your dick in a little snake’s mouth while someone is trying to grip that snake like a baseball bat. “This is wildly inefficient” the batter would complain, “where is my regular baseball bat?” Then a bit of pre-cum flies into their eye and ends the match.

It’s narrow and tight, pretty much to the point where your shaft’s blood flow will be cut off. Almost promising, but held back by the onahole’s small entrance.

Anyway it doesn’t even matter which hole you’re going at, because there’s no comfortable way to hold the silly thing.

After a while you’ll end up smooshing the empty side with your hand, and ugh. Too much girth. Too much weird rubber girth with nothing else to grab onto. There’s a reason dual hole masturbators are typically large chunky hips.

But there’s one simple trick that [housemaid sisters] in YOUR local [different world] don’t want you to know!

All you need is a pair of scissors.

To make a quick adjustment.


Then you simply take the Ram half…

… And throw it in the trash.

The Different World Begun with a Housemaid Sister

+ The box art is rad
+ If you have two penises, boy are you in luck! Unless you buy this onahole

– Pain in the arse to use
– One hole is too soft, one hole is too hard. There’s no ‘just right’ porridge option
– It’s more than $30 holy shit Tamatoys what were you thinking

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  1. It’s funny because I had a Fuwa Cyun W by G project which uses a similar concept, at one point I ripped it in half on purpose, after pulling carefully like peeling old stickers in one go it came clean off, didn’t even use scissors.

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