Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Mochiri Soft – Honeymoon is over

Product: Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Mochiri Soft 
 Magic Eyes
Measurements: length – 16cm, weight – 450g
Retailers: NLS / otonaJP / Otona-Sekai / Toy Demon* / Kanojo Toys*
Header image: Daye bie qia lian

– This product was provided by otonaJP for masturbation review purposes
– Retailers marked with * are affiliate links

Ah, sorry for the *lack of anything* lately!

Honestly, a few weeks back I kinda found myself needing to take a break from masturbating. What an absurd thing. But I dunno, maybe four years worth of jacking it into rubber vaginas multiple times a day finally caught up with me?

Either way, despite a growing backlog of things to review, nothing was growing down there, you know? No Rita Repulsa magic staff shit to save the day. I’d be half-mast wanking into an onahole and just get completely bored.

Next thing I’d be browsing YouTube, and it keeps recommending Mike Matei’s fucking Minecraft with Inspector Gadget abomination. YouTube just won’t stop reminding me of brown bricks, and by that point my dick has gotten so flaccid it’s gone inside my body and detached to float around like some kind of astronaut porno.

So fast forward a bit, and the new Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Mochiri Soft arrives. Suddenly there’s a slide whistle sound effect in my pants. I couldn’t wait to get into this thing.

This is the third version of Magic Eyes’ popular penis-crushing Sujiman Kupa Lolinco onahole. I absolutely loved the original in 2014. Then in 2015 they released a BIGGER version, which I loved even more. In fact, Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo has been my personal favourite onahole ever since.

Still, the two previous Sujiman Kupa Lolinco’s made for a tough recommendation if you’re not into strangling your shaft to death. As much as I adore ’em, they’re chunky and aggressive as hell. Almost as if you’re fucking a tire.

Imagine if Pixar did a spin-off of Cars and it was about the wheels attached to the Cars’ cars, and those wheels had tires with thick textured vaginas cracking one-liners about being so hot they could burn rubbers or how they’re always having a goodyear™.

That’s what putting your dick into a Sujiman Kupa Lolinco felt like. Maybe. Something.

So a softer version of all that? Very welcome news.

Because as the name somewhat implies, that’s exactly what Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Mochiri Soft is. A softer version of the existing design. Visually it looks exactly the same on the outside, and nothing has changed as far as the internal structure goes. Magic Eyes have simply used a squishy, more forgiving material.

The physical dimensions are the same as the first version too, rather than the larger Virgo.

So that weird pinpoint-of-a-puckered-asshole is back as decoration!

And the fucking GLORIOUS PUFFY ENTRANCE. The detail here is still wonderful all its new softer glory. I love that the pink material has this eternal glistening look.

From the moment you slide through those novelty lips, Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Mochiri Soft delivers a massive wave of stimulation. The opening hole forms a tight elastic ring that drags over your head, catching the underside and getting all the right spots. This leads directly into another hole, smaller and tighter than the first.

It’s a really powerful start.

Once you’ve gotten into the tunnel itself, those walls slam shut, creating a third cramped area to push through. The magic of Sujiman Kupa Lolinco is an amazing assault on your dick right from the get-go.

Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Mochiri Soft lives up to this in the sense that everything is front-loaded. The sensation of running through a carnival fun house naked and crashing through each door with just an erection is dizzying; however the softer material REALLY comes into play the further you get.

When you’re all the way in, that tunnel gets all fluffy while still retaining a dense, meaty texture. It all just seems to squish and squeeze around you with each thrust. This is something you didn’t reeeeally get with the original version.

And combined with the entry point(s) locked around the base of your shaft, it’s fucking good. I just wanted to live in there.

I think after a few days, I was ready to go on a hyperactive rampage of positivity for Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Mochiri Soft. “Better than oxygen” I had in my review notes. “Had a micro-sleep after cumming and panicked because I thought it was the next morning and what if I’d fallen asleep with an onahole on my dick” was also in there.

I’d even taken some dick pics – partially because I was going to Photoshop a tuxedo on my dick and a wedding dress on the onahole – but also I got a new phone recently and what better way to test the camera out than nudes. I guess?

Then for whatever reason, I never started writing the review while I was still on that masturbation high. And it’s a damn good thing I was struck down by a severe case of laziness, because Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Mochiri Soft went south FAST.

Like holy shit this onahole turned to absolute garbage in record time.

(Here are the dick pics though, if anyone cares. Minus the tuxedo…)


Within a week, Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Mochiri Soft all but lost its tight, elastic feeling. The entry didn’t even show any signs of damage, but it was noticeably looser. The exciting burst of stimulation was already gone. A modern-day tragedy for sure.

By comparison, I still have my Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo from 2015 (which has gone through a terrifying amount of use) and it’s built like a fucking tank after all this time.

All that shaft punching goodness had turned into a dull mush.

But the ultimate disaster here was whatever horse shit material Magic Eyes used on the outside of Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Mochiri Soft. I don’t think these guys are used to making softer onaholes – this stuff is pure clown-grade quality.

The rubber started flaking and felt like disgusting sticky goo after it’d been washed a few times. Worse still, spots of black mould were spreading at a rapid pace. I always make sure to dry onaholes best I can, but h2-whoa. Nothing was stopping this.

Here’s a photo during the early stages.

It got (a lot) worse from there. Maybe a layer got torn inside and was trapping moisture? Dunno. Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Mochiri Soft is basically worthless after two weeks.

Man, I loved the feeling of this so much initially. Magic Eyes captured all the tight stimulation of the existing versions while adding a comforting blob of soft, squishy textures to explore. But yeah, the build quality is absolutely atrocious. From the hole getting loose way too fast, to the entire ‘potential health risk from having sex with mouldy rubber’ issue.


Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Mochiri Soft

+ Overwhelmingly incredible entry point and full of stimulating textures
+ A softer option for those looking for something less aggressive than the original
+ Sensible price

– The new material on the inside doesn’t stay tight for long; after a few uses it feels like you’re pounding a bread roll that’s been dunked in soup
– Worst case of black mould I’ve seen appearing all over an onahole’s surface since forever
– Had to throw my wife in the bin

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27 thoughts on “Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Mochiri Soft – Honeymoon is over

  1. well thats disappointing I have the original and its just to damn hard on my cock but love the lips they are life sized

  2. How do you clean them on the inside to last the longest? Considering the shape of the hole won’t it get tough to clean?

    • A microfiber cloth usually does the trick. For tighter holes like this, I cut one cloth into strips and then just wrap it over my finger to poke around inside. Clumsy, but it works for me.

          • Go get yourself some good quality faux fur online – tons of colors, textures, patterns, etc, OR buy yourself a short weft or sample swatch sold on wig sites like Arda:
            use scissors to cut into your preferred shaving style, if you’re using wig fibers and want to get that curly look of unshaved, untamed bush, try using small scissors to layer the weft w/ shorter layers on top, then use a round brush or curling iron (heat set to LOW) and some strong hair spray (Got 2B Glued is your best bet) to get some wave in there. If you want something shorter just cut and layer the fibers as needed. Personally I think this is a better option than the faux fur if you really want a Good Lookin Bush but it’s tons more work, so YMMV.

            Attaching fabric to an onahole is a bit of a dicey thing, since onahole companies aren’t quite as upfront about the materials they use as opposed to the companies and individuals I’m familiar with. ThisToThat gives me this info: and my advice is, for any modifications you make to a toy, spot text it first in a place that’s 1. inconspicuous and 2. not anywhere near the area of use. For an onahole, prob somewhere on the base or sides where the rubber is thickest. Give it a few days and if everything’s in order then go ahead and glue it.

            I know I talked seriously about the idea of a toy modding community in the Magic Face review, and it’s still at the back of my mind, so if you do anything like this lmk how it goes.

    • Since I was talking about modification in the other reply, if you’d like to attempt adding freckles to an existing onahole, try Plasti-dip or decent quality acrylic paint with a small, pointed artist’s brush – tho definitely go the inexpensive route, if you use plasti-dip that shit’s gonna be ruined. Again, spot test somewhere inconspicuous and not near the hole or tunnel. You could try makeup for temporary application but I worry it’d make the hole oily or melt the rubber. Finally, maybe buy some of that circular glitter in nice skin-tone colors and glue it on there –

  3. I don’t think i’m a big fan of having scores for your reviews.
    I dunno, to me it just seems kind of useless. Rather than looking at scores people should look at your pros vs cons which are a lot more useful for weigh the choice of buy or not to buy, rather than scores which can often be arbitrary since there’s no real way to calculate a score and everyone has a different view on what different scores mean.

    • Agreed, honestly. The more I’m looking at that score the more I hate it.

      I’ve never been a fan of review scores personally, but I’ve had a lot of requests to add them. I dunno, I might try again with the next onahole review, but eeeehhh. They’ll probably be dropped.

      • Your pros/cons section has always struck me as a good effective way to recommend and critique these things (in fact that’s why i sort of co-opted it for the buy this/skip this part of my Silicon Temple reviews,) but if people are looking for a good overall summation of how you feel about something, I think the easiest way to go about using a scoring system would be to contextualize the numbers on a scale. For example, 1 could be “urologist visit waiting to happen,” 5 could be “if it’s on sale/if you’re into it” and 10 could be “OnaHall of Fame” or something, idk man, I don’t really have the snappy writing, but I think you get the idea. I find even images and the like contextualizing scores makes them mean a lot more – Arlo’s reviews, for example, and the little dancing images next to each number gives you a feel for the context in which he places said numbers.

        Whew, that was a mouthful(keyboardfull?)

        • I love ‘urologist visit waiting to happen’, hahaha. All good points, thanks! Yeah, I think I might try the review score thing again in the future, but make a more unique sorta flavour out of it rather than a plain number.

          Maybe some Waluigi heads or something.

    • Hopefully you get a lot of good use from it!

      There’s every possibility I just got unlucky with a factory defect in the product or something.

  4. I tried this version a few weeks ago because the original one was too tight on my dick … i was pretty convinced like our dear monkey until my shaft turned into a literal sword and wrecked the shit out of my young bride.

    I agree with you they clearly are not used to making soft onaholes T-T

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