A Taciturn Girl – Don’t need to say a thing

Product: A Taciturn Girl
 Toy’s Heart
Measurements: length – 12cm, weight – 225g
Retailers: J-List* / OnaholesAndMore / Otona-Sekai / Kanojo Toys* / otonaJP / NLS / Toy Demon*
Header image: 90i

– This product was provided by Toy’s Heart for masturbation review purposes
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Ah yes, I like a good onahole which immediately makes you think, ‘mmm, a what girl?’

Taciturn! According to the dic(tionary), that’s formally used to describe someone silent in expression and manner; reluctant to join in conversation. Pretty much the defining trait of everyone’s anime crush at some point in time then. Excellent.

P-please don’t deny me this chance to feature Rei in a review. She opened my eyes to how much I love the idea of living in an apartment which only has a cheap-ass bed, bar fridge and a cardboard box to dump bodily fluids in. The only essentials.

Keeping with Toy’s Heart tradition, the girl on the box is really fuckin’ adorable.

Kinda wish they’d release a dating sim at this point. Maybe even a kart racer. Anything goes. Casually tossing lube on the track for other racers to peel out on, hurling various spiked sex toys around the joint. Just cute girls doin’ cute things.

You could even have a freshly filled onahole splash down on whoever’s first place as the blue shell equivalent. It’s all sorted.

But yeah, A Taciturn Girl then. It’s an onahole based on a shy girl’s vagina? Why not. I mean as we all know… the more reserved someone is, the more their insides apparently resemble a ‘worst case scenario’ poster in a dentist waiting room.

Just look at all these teeth.

Toy’s Heart even hype this design up by literally talking about how there’s a mouth or something going on down there.

“Experience the pleasure brought by being in the mouth below. Can be contained with the secret organs being in the mouth below, while sucked by the depths of the mouth of the uterus?!”

Hey wow. Good-o.

Except in my dick’s humble opinion, there’s none of that going on. A Taciturn Girl might look more stimulating than sex with a torn can of energy drink, but I really couldn’t pinpoint any exact area within this design.

And that’s not even a bad thing! The onahole actually feels really nice in a gentle, mild kinda way. It’s just that everything blends together into massaging mush, and I’m pretty sure there was supposed to be more to it going by the sheer variety of textures.

Once you’re inside, you’ll get a nice squeeze from the walls and a thick strand is there to rub the underside of your head nicely. Just spin it round until you hit that sweet spot. The onahole that is. You could spin your penis instead if you want, I guess. Brings a whole new meaning to fidget spinning. Remember those? Remember things?

Maybe pop-up stores of people just floppin’ it about with neon lights all over their crotch will be the next craze in shopping centres.

That’s really about it to A Taciturn Girl. It’ll push and lightly tug – a fluffy, comfy feeling of goodness until you cum. The end. Nothin’ bad about any of that, but also really leaves me struggling to pad out a review.

That’s A Taciturn Girl in the middle there. It’s noticeably smaller than what Toy’s Heart typically go with, which means all those bumps and lumps inside get stretched further. Probably explains the lack of punch.

Also I’m seriously not sure what the two onaholes around it even are anymore, they all look the same. Rubber racism at its finest.

At least this smaller form factor is reflected in A Taciturn Girl’s price. It’s roughly $22-ish USD, which isn’t bad if you’re after something simple, easy to clean and long-lasting. Toy’s Heart have used their Virgin Skin material here, which is pretty much as high quality as you can possibly get. Zero smell, designed to stretch with extreme durability and quick to dry.

There’s something magical about an onahole which takes about four seconds to clean.

Also onahole characters in go-karts.

A Taciturn Girl

+ Gentle and steady stimulation, nice if you just want something easy-going or enjoy slower wank sessions
+ Incredibly easy to wash out and dry
+ High quality material
+ Good price

– The onahole is small. Designed to stretch, but expect it to work your head and little else
– Nothing stands out – might be too dull and repetitive for some folks
– There’s no room at the end when you cum, so sometimes it’d either get forcibly blasted back out onto my balls or become trapped in my urethra and I would be treated to a brief glimpse of hell. Most of the time it was okay though. This gamble could be a positive for you, I dunno

6 thoughts on “A Taciturn Girl – Don’t need to say a thing

    • The powder stuff you mix in with drinks to turn anything into lube? Nah. I want to grab some of it one day though, haha.

  1. felt the same with this one. i don’t regret the purchase, but all the reviews on amazon japan made it sound like the best onahole ever.

  2. Great review as usual, always happy that you seem to review the onaholes I have interest in though I don’t think you said anything about the uterus feature other than it exists, is it really that much of nothing?

    speaking of uteri, do you have any recommendations for holes that have the uterus gimmick?
    I’ve got a Daisyuki hold that is on the verge of falling apart and need something to replace it.

    oh and have you tried any Tomax brand holes?
    I’ve heard quite a few people got excited for the “Dolphin!” hole.

    • Thanks!

      Yeah, sadly I didn’t notice anything from the uterus in here. Was really hoping I’d be able to feel myself ‘popping’ through the end, but everything just completely blended together. I’m still on the hunt for a good uterus onahole. :( Cum Maid Uterus is an improvement over this, but still not quite exciting enough.

      I’ve heard really good things about Tomax too! The Dolphin does look pretty amazing. Haven’t had the chance to try anything by Tomax yet though. The only site I can find that even sells their products is Queen Cat, buuuut they don’t ship to Australia.

      • Yeah I’m in that exact same boat, Daimaoh, the company that primarily sells the tomax holes don’t ship anywhere but japan but I’ve seen a few forwarding services that you ship to then pay a fee and they ship it from their japanese address to you, but it seems like a hassle.

        the one I was looking at was called “big in japan” if that’s something you’re interested in looking into.

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