Puni Virgin 600 – An arseload of fun

Product: Puni Virgin 600
 G Project
Measurements: length – 15cm, weight – 600g
Retailers: Toy Demon* / Motsu Toys* / otonaJP* / Kanojo Toys* / Otona-Sekai
Header image: Libre

– This product was kindly donated! So… not provided by a retailer for review purposes, but still – I didn’t pay for it. Wasn’t quite sure if I should put a disclaimer for that or not, but too late. Thanks, Xanadere! :’)
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Oh boy, let me tell you about all the laws I’d happily break for my love of Puni Virgin 600. For one, there’s uh… oh. I don’t even know of any that’d specifically relate to a rubber vagina. There’s probably a few I guess? Maybe food poisoning or some shit.

Whatever they are, I’d totally marry this onahole if given the chance. Or at least write a sentence saying I would, but then make dismissive fart noises in reality because trying to organise a wedding sure sounds like a hassle.

Much like my last review (KYO Torso), this is another product I’ve been using for months now. Many, many months. I usually like to try to review an onahole after the first week of use, but that obviously didn’t happen with these two considering I fell off the planet for a while.

Good news though; I can safely say the initial notes I left myself after a few wanks with Puni Virgin 600 just so happen to match my current thoughts.

Actual cryptic review notes I left myself back in May.

Except back then I’d usually be thinking about how good Super Mario Odyssey is going to be as I basked in the orgasm afterglow. Now these days I just think that I didn’t play Super Mario Odyssey nearly as much as I thought I would.

Either way there’s that brutal time limit where your cum goes all cold and you snap back to reality feeling like a disgusting mess. “I didn’t even beat the post-game content…”

Puni Virgin 600! Man, just look at how fucking HAPPY this box art is. She’s got some kinda heart-parachute thing happening with her hair, a “sup” armband, convenient clothing physics – everything anyone could need.

Let’s take a look at what ya get:

… A remarkably clean onahole bag! Usually these things are greasy as hell, but nope. Magic.

There’s also a bonus foam brush thing in here and what a stupidly good idea. I don’t have much experience with G Project’s stuff so I’m not sure if this is just a normal thing they include, but weeow. It’s so handy for drying the insides.

Puni Virgin 600 is a good size and super bloody thick resulting in a hefty weight of 600g (hence the 600 in the title, probably).

The material also has this nice smooth texture to it while remaining kinda springy, so if someone catches you masturbating and asks why you’re fucking that raw-chicken-breast-looking-baby-thing, you can just chuck it at their face and it’ll bounce right back onto your dick. Suddenly Albert Einstein will appear out of nowhere to personally applaud your sick trick shot.

But(t) more importantly, the arse on this thing is unreal.

You just don’t see a handheld onahole with this kind of beautiful backstory too often. Even better seeing those cheeks jiggle slightly as they slap into your crotch. They… should have just made this an anal toy honestly.

Oh well, here’s the vagina!

Spread those puffy lips apart and fwoah-shit, you can tell G Project has studied the true virgin experience of fucking a jumping castle’s inflated tube inlet clogged with shattered golf balls. We’ve all been there. Puni Virgin 600’s internal design is pretty full on, and it’s glorious.

With so much rubber padding there’s an immediate sense of pressure around your head the moment you enter. It’s not difficult to get inside or anything, but there’s definitely a tight shock of stimulation just from how bloody thick the onahole is.

After some light ribbed textures and an iron grip digging in, you’ll quickly grind past those three chunky nubs seen in the photo above. This is essentially the ‘chef kissing hand’ gesture in masturbation form. Fucking christ this part feels absolutely incredible as your head slides past, it especially seems to catch the underside just right every time.

Oh yeah, I’ve just been talking about how it feels scraping against your head so far, because, well…

The actual usable length inside Puni Virgin 600 is kinda short. Kinda reeeaal short. While the overall physical size of the onahole is nice, that internal tunnel just stops at the halfway point – offering a mere 9cm (just over 3.5 inches) of space to play with. It’s surprising how much material G Project dedicated purely to padding.

Normally this could be a deal-breaker, however I’ve found that the onahole has some hardcore stretchability to its end chamber. My dick peaks at six and a half inches on a particularly erect day and I can smash more of it than expected inside.

Still, if you’re looking for something that’s going to consistently work your shaft to the point of absorbing the testicles and forming a permanent cockpit, Puni Virgin 600 probably won’t deliver.

Instead, this onahole is very good at focusing on the head, delivering maximum pleasure to all the right parts with suffocating tightness. Yanking the onahole down further enhances this with a hefty thud.

I like to think this is what G Project were going for, but whatever if they weren’t. Puni Virgin 600 puts all the attention on one area and it does so perfectly.

My only real complaint here is that the cramped internals often result in an absolute fucking mess when you cum. There’s nowhere for it to really go, so everything tends to get violently forced back out the entrance all over your balls.

I mean, sometimes that’s cool because it gives the illusion you’ve cum a lot more than you actually have since it shoots out – often with an awkward wheezing sound as the rubber walls struggle to comprehend what’s going on – but wow, poor chair/bed/carpet/self-respect.

Personally I absolutely adore Puni Virgin 600. It’ll probably be one of those rare onaholes I’ll make sure to get a replacement for when it’s eventually been fucked to pieces (joining the likes of Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo, Ashi Ko Kiko Footjob and The Mouth of Truth).

So far so good though, after seven months – and some extra heavy use recently – the entrance is pretty ripped and stretched out, but it still feels incredible inside. Boy, I just re-read those last two sentences and realised how terrifying they’d sound if it was about anything other than a sex toy. Imagine if some tech site talked about destroying a phone due to excessive masturbation.

That’d be really cool.

Anyway thumbs up for the foam cleaning wand thing; dicks up for the onahole itself.

Puni Virgin 600

+ Tight tunnel with excellent feedback across your head
+ Great material
+ Has a butt that looks so good you’ll want to pound it into an ink pad and stamp everything
+ Easy to clean

– The tunnel is fairly short and tends to ignore your shaft
– Cramped design means you’ll likely end up with cum all over your crotch. Maybe your own, maybe not?

8 thoughts on “Puni Virgin 600 – An arseload of fun

  1. Has it really been seven months since? Geez I feel old. Anyway glad you enjoyed, I think I’m addicted to g project goods note, I grabbed puni virgin 1000 and man it’s basically a slightly less intense version with a reasonably sized tunnel instead, now if I could figure out how to marry onaholes…

    • Yeah, I really need to check out more of G Project’s stuff now. =o Puni Virgin 1000 looks so squishy! Think I’m gonna have to add that one to my list~

      Right next to ‘make onahole weddings real’.

  2. I have the Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro and like it a lot. ToyDemon.com has a new product from the same manufacturer called the Niku-Man 2200 that looks promising. I really like the sponge brush that they provide. I wish they sold that separately in bulk. Otherwise I am limited to stuffing the corner of a microfiber cloth with my middle finger which is hit or miss for complete drying of my holes.

  3. That foam brush will serve you well for cleaning/drying out harder to clean onaholes meaning you don’t have to rely on the old index finger tissue paper blotting technique as much :P

    • True! It’s already been extremely handy. This is the sort of thing which needs to be included with all onaholes =p

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