Love Style 48 – Aaayyy, sit on it

Product: Love Style 48
Magic Eyes
Measurements: length – 26cm (total), vagina – 14cm, butt – 7cm, weight – 2.3kg
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Header image: Kokusan Moyashi

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I know they’ve recently brought the toy back using its original design, but when I was a kid I had a Stretch Armstrong that looked like some middle-aged surfer dude with a massive shit-eating grin.

Easily the most ’90s redesign possible.

And I fuckin’ loved this thing, even with his insanely hard plastic head which would almost always injure someone when the limbs snapped back into place like a slingshot. Eventually the arms got so loose and floppy that it’d just slump into a sad lookin’ blob. Good stuff.

Now six hundred years later, I never thought I’d be having sex with what is essentially the (headless) onahole version of Stretch Armstrong.

It even leaks mysterious goo just like the toy did.

So this is Love Style 48 from Magic Eyes, an ambitious attempt at a love doll experience in a relatively compact size. I’m checking out the original version here, which launched back in February 2017. Since then they’ve also released an even smaller – more handheld-ish – model called Love Style Strawberry.

No spoilers hey, but Love Style 48 has obviously been a pretty huge hit for Magic Eyes.

Open up the box and… a single sample packet of lube, for a product which costs over a hundred bucks. Magic EeeeyyyyEEEEESSS! Should have at least thrown in another 47 of them. Oh well. Aside from that, the plastic container is a thoughtful inclusion for storage.

Love Style 48 is forever kneeling with the idea being this one pose works well with a variety of different positions. That whole ’48’ part of the title refers to the 48 sexual positions in the Japanese Kamasutra.

The packaging and promotional images even offer some suggestions.

Classics such as cowgirl, missionary… nutty peony?

Fun idea, but I feel like this is some kinda shitty marketing considering the product isn’t nearly big enough to really do anything except bounce it on your dick like a standard onahole. Doggy style with this? Seriously? Might as well just huddle over a bowl of spaghetti.

Love Style 48’s a nice looking product no doubt, but I think you’re going to be in for an awkward time if you try and get too technical with regards to how you end up cumming inside it.

What with it just instantly flopping over the moment you let go.

And again, wow. Those fucking arms. When I first took Love Style 48 out of the box they were connected to each other by a razor-thin strand of rubber. I’m assuming that was for shipping purposes, but were they really supposed to stay together or something? It’s a mystery.

Either way, they suuure didn’t, and now they jiggle around all over the place.

♫ She has 48 types of style, she has some grace ♫

♫ This kong has a funny face. She can’t handstand when she needs to, and stretch her arms out – just for you ♫

(The inflating like a balloon part might depend on how long you’ve been saving up).

Looking inside, Love Style 48 offers both vaginal and anal tunnels, with the vagina getting like 99% of the attention here.

I’m not sure why Magic Eyes keep trying to include anal options on mid-sized products which clearly don’t have the space. Straight up, don’t bother with the butt on this thing. There’s less than 3 inches of room to play with and it feels like mush.

The vagina on the other hand, whew. Let’s take a gander at this beastly hole.

The opening itself is fuckin’ massive; a gaping bright red fleshy dual-layer mess. Neat. Make sure you apply a touch more lube than usual and you’re good to go.

First thing, the tunnel tends to immediately guide your dick at an angle, kinda poking out into the stomach. But then things quickly change-up and you’ll be squeezed into a different direction. It’s like an instant choke point which delivers a staggering amount of stimulation against the underside of your head.

Basically you can feel your shaft get yanked into place with a fairly hefty thud and it’s glorious. Really strong start. This may change depending what position you’re using Love Style 48, but for the sake of this review let’s just assume you’re as lazy as me when it comes to masturbating and just slamming the onahole on your crotch whilst laying down.

Or better yet, as you’re sitting in front of the computer trying to decide which video and/or image folder to wank over, despite already doing so.

And it might sound silly, but those thighs really add to the experience. Aside from adding an extra level of tightness by keeping the vaginal walls compressed, they feel amazing slapping against your bare skin.

You can even attempt a messy thigh job as foreplay and tell the entire internet about it. Surely that’s in the Kamasutra somewhere.

That Magic Eyes branding on the foot is certainly something.

When you really pierce into the inner depths of Love Style 48 you’re met with an oddly comforting end chamber, as if you’ve broken through to some deep pocket of space/time.

It’s a nice change in stimulation from the first half and works nicely depending on if you’re stroking hard and fast or going slow. You get that huge wave of pleasure thrusting in, then a gentle break before yanking back out and getting the full force scraping into your head on the way out again.

Love Style 48 is a fun product. The noodle arms are a little strange, but it does mean you can sorta thrust in while just gripping onto the arms alone – held behind the back  – and that’s hotter than it might sound in a poorly constructed sentence.

While personally I can’t be stuffed getting too creative due to the overall size being too fiddly for my liking, there are a few options possible with this that you won’t find elsewhere. At least not without spending another few hundred bucks. Essentially your mileage may (wildly) vary. I know that’s a complete cop-out for a review, but… yes!

For lazy wanks it’s perfectly fine. I’d recommend holding on with both hands simply because 2.3kg can come down harder than expected, but the onahole is still manageable one-handed.

Cleaning it looks like lost content from the P.T. demo though.

Love Style 48

+ The vagina is tight and delivers a powerful punch of stimulation without going too overboard, it’s a joy to use
+ Those thighs feel really… comforting (?) slapping against you
+ You can stretch the arms out and make an undetermined expression

– It’s overpriced
– The anal option feels like an afterthought
– The body is too small and doesn’t support itself enough for some of the suggested positions 

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    • At one point I tried to Photoshop the onahole in the sink next to the P.T. baby, but I thought that might be a bit too much!

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