Knocking up Press – Don’t stop the presses

Product: Knocking up Press: Go in till the Bottom! (奥までGoIn 種付けぷれすっ!)
Manufacturer: Toy’s Heart
Measurements: length – 14.5cm, weight – 365g
Retailers: otonaJP / Kanojo Toys* / Otona-Sekai

– This product was provided by Toy’s Heart for masturbation review purposes
– Retailers marked with * are affiliate links

Welp, ten thousand years later and onaholes are still teaching me secret tips and tricks to the vast world of sexual sex. Much like Daisyuki Hold from a few years ago, Toy’s Heart have named this product after another totally legit thing.

From their own description of the Knocking up Press:

『What is a Knocking up Press?』 It is a posture in which men usually climb onto women’s body and push them with weight. Can deep inside put inside, so you can aim for sure pregnancy

So there you go. If you wanna get a girl pregnant you just have to shrink yourself down in size – maybe to that of an ant – then begin the incredible climb.

Upon reaching their shoulder several days later, just press down with all your ant-like strength so she knows you survived the journey and perhaps devise some kind of funnel system to connect your penis to her vagina. This may require several hundred thousand miniature straws to be taped together on the way up.

And it’s that easy! You’ll both be laughing when everyone gifts you a copy of Shadow of the Colossus at the baby shower. “Haha yes good, we really needed 20 copies of this” you’ll say sarcastically, but nobody will hear you.

Because you shrank yourself down to the size of an ant.

So Knocking up Press: Go in till the Bottom! It’s an onahole themed around cumming deep inside, with a cute baby-faced girl with some big ol’ tits on the cover.

I’ve always found onahole box art from Toy’s Heart appealing, but especially so when there’s a storyline on the side. Crucial lore!

Aaaalllso much like Daisyuki Hold, I’ve taken the liberty of translating it.

In the box you’ll find the onahole itself (always handy) and a bottle of Moisty lube – enough to last quite a few uses. I will say though, this onahole has the CLEANEST sealed bag I’ve ever seen. Usually these things are at least a tiny bit greasy, but not here. That’s a good sign.

And sure enough, Knocking up Press has absolutely no rubber-ish smell to it and the Safe Skin material feels excellent. Bit of a gritty texture which keeps it from slipping out of your hand like some kind of sitcom scenario.

As for the external appearance… well, it’s a pretty standard Toy’s Heart design. They like to use this same novelty clown tooth lookin’ thing for a lot of products. Might not look like the most exciting rubber vagina, but it works.

So what’s going on inside, then? ABSOLUTE CHAOS.

My dick was throbbing in slightly concerned anticipation from the above promo image alone. It looks like a fucking mouth in there. Just which end are we entering from to reach the womb, exactly?

But then I figured, well, these shots are always sliiiightly exaggerated from the actual product. Probably won’t be that crazy looking once I take a lo-


(Thanks, @LeVengeurSlippe!)

This is such a crazy tunnel, I love it. Yet despite looking like the equivalent of rock-climbing with your dick, Knocking up Press is actually quite loose and forgiving.

… To begin with, anyway.

Pushing through a softer than expected entrance, at first I found it difficult to really notice anything; just some loud suction noises as the onahole jiggled around. But after a few initial pumps, those walls start closing down fast. You can even see the onahole sorta stiffen up as the air escapes.

That bottom row of ‘teeth’ spread apart to accommodate your shaft and end up delivering a hefty amount of stimulation underneath. A thick, bumpy strand is always there digging into the glans with each thrust.

Combined with a big fleshy nub on top, the two raised chunks on either side essentially keep you locked into place.

Expect a lot of pressure and sensation constantly rubbing against the same area. This can honestly become a bit overwhelming if you keep at it for too long – and not in a ‘GONNA CUM’ way, but more a ‘MMMM, BORED’ – so I’d highly suggest rotating the onahole every now and then.

Like, every few thrusts spin it around. Holy shit. This changes Knocking up Press completely. Who knows what you’re gonna get? It’s especially fun when the really jagged part gets stuck and you have one raised wall just fuckin’ merging into your most precious layer of skin.

Keep in mind this is still all with fairly soft rubber, so it’s not quite as hardcore as it might sound. Still intense at times though.

I’d actually love to see Toy’s Heart do a harder version of this in the future just for shits and giggles. (But then again I’d probably get off to having my dick crushed between two elephants strapped to meteorites, so whatever.)

Knocking up Press actually works when you finally orgasm, because god damn is it such a huge rush of pleasure and relief. As if you’ve actually achieved something to write a Facebook status update about.

I’ve got a habit of almost violently yanking onaholes down when I’m about to cum to the point where I’m just left with a stretched end zone firmly crushing against my head, and this is insanely rewarding with Knocking up Press. Something about doing so ‘pops’ more than usual.

But not literally because that’d be bad.

Hey I ran out of images to break up the paragraphs with.

Anyway, we’re left with something which feels a little experimental for Toy’s Heart.

Knocking up Press is an odd mix of soft, loose material but with an internal design seemingly made to crush the user. It comes across as a confused balance. Things CAN get rough once the tunnel begins sealing shut over your shaft, but the stimulation dulls into a repetitive grind unless you’re always readjusting the onahole.

It’s a weird one to fully recommend, as sometimes I’ve had toe-curling, pelvic-twitching experiences with it, and other times I’ve just lost interest halfway through a wank. Might be good if you’re keen on something slightly more hardcore but still retaining a lighter touch.

Of if you just want to get an onahole pregnant over and over again.

Knocking up Press: Go in till the Bottom!

+ Can offer heavy stimulation on the underside of your head and along the shaft
+ Very flexible, easily stretches
+ High quality material
+ Something about the design makes cumming into the end zone feel even better

+ Oh my god it’s loud. Sloppy SLURPIN’ noises non-stop. Dangerous if you’re trying to have a quiet wank in the library, on a train, or during a funeral
+ Stimulation can quickly become repetitive
+ Dull entry and might take a while to actually get going

6 thoughts on “Knocking up Press – Don’t stop the presses

  1. Love it! I love reading your reviews! I’ve read every single one. (Oops now I sound like a stalker.) But seriously, keep it up! And if there are any unused onaholes youre never going to use again…. can i buy them? I have a few that i have been looking for but have been discontinued or sold out that I’ve seen you review and said you’d never use again, lol. Also, You’re pretty damn cute, why no gf?

    • Aw, I’m BLUSHIN’. Thanks, Brittany! I plan on keeping it up for as long as my body allows. :’)

      Unfortunately my onahole collection is actually pretty tiny at the moment. I ended up either ditching or giving away almost everything last year when I was moving around a fair bit. Give it a few months and I’ll have a whole heap of unused onaholes again though, you can have first dibs!

      As for the whole no gf thing, ummmm! I think I’m too much of a loner to make a relationship with anyone work. Kinda how I got into onaholes in the first place, haha.

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