Hey, listen! Tamatoys releases first ear onahole

earhole_headerOh good. After the apparent success of their Futanari Musume Double Hole – which let you put your dick inside a dick for maximum dicking – and rubber foot with a hole drilled through its sole to simulate getting stomped on, Tamatoys have found a new body part where penises probably shouldn’t go.

The ear.

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Onahole retailer otonaJP relaunches with bonus offer

otonajprelaunch_headerLooking at the sheer amount of stock they have listed, it’s almost hard to believe Japanese import retailer otonaJP have only been around since September last year. Like, I’m fairly certain the world is a slightly better place knowing there’s an online store willing to take a gamble on selling something like a bloody tit pillow.

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Happy masturbation month! Win a PPP Happy Box!

ppphappybox_headerDid you know May is unofficially the official masturbation month? Seriously. We all know it’s really every month, but those fat cats on Wall Street apparently nailed it down to May. And shit, that’s alright.

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